Biohacking Hydration and Supplements To Charge The Human Battery

Matt Blackburn is the founder of MITOLIFE, a supplement line dedicated to improving mitochondrial health and the overall state of being. He has his Bachelor’s degree in Complementary and Alternative Health and is an avid researcher and experimenter. He works with clients using the primordial elements of light, water, and magnetism. Learn more about him … Continue reading “Biohacking Hydration and Supplements To Charge The Human Battery”

Unconventional Performance Optimization, Lyme Disease, And The Foundation of Greatness

Harry Massey is a pioneer in the field of Bioenergetics, which goes beyond biochemistry by integrating physics, biology, and clinical research. His mission is dedicated to eradicating needless disease and suffering, which grew out of his own research into health as he sought to overcome 7 bedridden years of serious illness in his youth. Harry … Continue reading “Unconventional Performance Optimization, Lyme Disease, And The Foundation of Greatness”

How to Biohack Stomach Ulcers

Adam Armstrong is founder of and referred to by many as ‘The World’s Greatest Sex Coach.’ He’s famous for creating dozens of best-selling special reports, books, audio courses – and video programs – teaching men how to be super fit, strong, and healthy in the bedroom! He’s also the co-creator of the Man Tea … Continue reading “How to Biohack Stomach Ulcers”

The Future of Optimizing Brain Health

Daniel Chao is a neurotech entrepreneur specializing in devices that improve brain performance. He is the co-founder & CEO behind the Halo Sport, a truly revolutionary neurostimulation system built specifically for athletes. It’s designed to make your training or practice more efficient by improving your brain’s natural plasticity. By applying a mild electric field to … Continue reading “The Future of Optimizing Brain Health”

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