EP 166: Nikki – Lyme Disease, Heavy Metal Detox, and Infections Oh My (Coaching Recording with Anthony)

What’s up biohackers, Anthony DiClemente here with a special episode of biohacking secret show for you.

In today’s episode, I jump an a coaching call with a friend and client, we actually work together a few years ago, her name is Nikki we actually have a podcast of one of our conversation may be back in 2016, I don’t know what episode this is but I’m sure if you want to listen to it you could find it.

And she had a resurfacing of some symptoms that she described early in phone calls ranging from fatigue, body aches, air hunger, to a number and other things and she needs some help. So we did our full proprietary help assessment that gives a diagnostic look at what is going on and what are some of the true factors of the lucchese driving our symptoms and then her and I jump in a phone call and I want to give her some starting recommendation base on everything I knew about her history, what she already has done, what she already tried, what did work, what happens and I wanted to share some of this call with Nikki’s permission of course with you guys.

And if you guys get some value from this episode or any episode, my ask would be that you jump on apple podcast or wherever you listen to your podcast and leave the biohacking secret show a five-star review. And if you haven’t already subscribed hit that subscribe button too so that you get all the new episodes. We got some amazing guests coming up, and it’s gonna be really really cool especially with all the fun stuff going on in the world, this is a great way for us to communicate and stay safe and healthy and strong.

If you guys wanna learn more about our coaching program we have three different levels ranging from the 12-month program, that’s our platinum. A 6-month program that our gold, 

and then we have the entry-level which is our full proprietary help assessment, a personalized blueprint that’s like a literal book of everything that you need to bridge the gap from where you are to where you wanna be whether that’s weight loss, lift hard until the performance, give you rid of pain and information and some of the things that Nikki is dealing with or anything else.

These tools and these offerings will allow you to get there. So you get the help assessment, the personalize blueprint and 75 minutes consultation with me to walk you to result and make sure that there are no questions and all the teasers cross in the eyes or dotted and that is more do it yourself option or you can take action on the recommendation and put them in the work.

So that’s it, appreciate you guys without further do let’s dive into this special edition episode of the biohacking secret show and that URL if you did get the first time around

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