Struggling to keep fat off?

Trouble losing weight? Struggling to keep the fat off for good? Difficulty staying focused throughout the day? In this blog post, I share four uncommon “biohacks” that have been shown to help the body to release stubborn fat cells, rebalance hormones, and flatten the belly. Think of biohacks kinda like proven, shortcuts… they are small, … Continue reading “Struggling to keep fat off?”

Can you 💪 biohack an indoor lifestyle?

The unbridled truth is, we are moving further and further away from nature. Biohacks are designed to mimic what we should be getting naturally. The most important biohacks replicate but are almost always inferior to, the benefits we would experience living a more natural, ancestral lifestyle: The most nutrient dense superfoods will always be local, … Continue reading “Can you 💪 biohack an indoor lifestyle?”

Affordable biohack to boost brainpower

As I write this, I have two, small infrared lights in my nose. Inside the left nostril, an LED (a little smaller than a piece of candy corn) emits infrared light with an 810 nm wavelength. These wavelength and power density parameters enable photons to reach my brain’s ventral areas which are responsible for cognition, … Continue reading “Affordable biohack to boost brainpower”

What Kind of Water Is Best For Increasing Energy and Endurance?

There’s a lot of confusion in the water game. Reverse osmosis… Should I remineralize? What about alkaline water? Kangen machines? Structured water? I’ve tested them all. Alongside hundreds of Biohackers in our Inner Circle… And here’s the truth: You won’t feel any difference with MOST of them. Yeah, there are health benefits just in reducing the … Continue reading “What Kind of Water Is Best For Increasing Energy and Endurance?”

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