The #1 Supplement Everyone Should Be Taking, 5G Protection, How to Recover Faster When Flying, and His Favorite Biohacks of All-Time w/ Dr. Joseph Mercola


Anthony: Dr. Joseph Mercola-

Dr. Mercola: Hey!

Anthony: Welcome to The Biohacking Secrets Show.

Dr. Mercola: Great to be here.

Anthony: Oh, it's amazing!

Dr. Mercola: I've got a shirt too. [crosstalk 00:04:02].

Anthony: Yes. He's got a Biohacking shirt!

Anthony: Mercola's part of the tribe as well and one of the OGs of biohacking, before it was even called biohacking. You've been doing this stuff for a long time.

Dr. Mercola: Yes. It's been a passion of mine.

Anthony: Yeah. What was it originally that got you into creating one of the biggest health websites on the internet and helping people to take control of their health?

Dr. Mercola: Well, like many physicians that went into medicine to help people, and I was doing quite a bit of that after I started to learn about natural health. One of my other passions was technology.

Dr. Mercola: So I was online in 1995. When you had to get a modem and it was really complex and computer ... It wasn't as easy as it is now. Because pretty much everything was wired back then. We didn't have wireless.

Anthony: Oh, the good old days.

Dr. Mercola: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wired ethernet. Actually it was a phone modem back then.

Dr. Mercola: So, I realized that I could help more people than I would see in my practice. Even though I've seen tens of thousands of patients, maybe 20,000 patients, I could help a lot more than just the people I was seeing.

Dr. Mercola: So, I was passionate about reading. I read the information and I compiled a newsletter. I started giving it away and it just started to grow. I understood how to share information in a way that people found appealing and it just became popular.

Anthony: Then at what point did you make the switch from Chicago, Hoffman Estates, down to Florida?

Dr. Mercola: I've been living in Florida for about six years now. It's primarily as a result of my girlfriend. Who I'm still with. Which has been about 10 years now.

Dr. Mercola: She unfortunately chose to follow me back to Chicago. Which was a mistake. I should have listened to her. Then I eventually saw the light and moved on to Florida. We moved our business down here too. Not where I live, but my business is on the other coast.

Anthony: Was that primarily to make it easier to get that sun exposure and the vitamin D?

Dr. Mercola: Yes. It's much healthier to live in Florida. It's easier to live healthily in Florida would be more accurate.

Dr. Mercola: The sun is a crucial component of staying healthy. There's a good book by Marc Sorenson, which is called Embracing the Sun, which goes into some of the specific details of that. It was published I think last year.

Anthony: For someone who's listening and may have only heard that the sun increases their risk of skin cancer and a lot of the negatives behind it, what have you come across in the scientific literature and what have you seen clinically?

Dr. Mercola: Well, what Marc's book goes into ... M-A-R-C, goes into, the reason why ... Because I had known that the dermatologists are opposed to it; in fact, at one point the Surgeon General was a dermatologist. He's catalyzed the FTC to throw some violation objections at me and was able to get my tanning beds off the market.

Anthony: That was about five point five mil, wasn't it?

Dr. Mercola: Well, that's some of the papers reporting seven, but I think it was actually 3 million. We didn't pay to have to see what actually had paid. We had to give refunds to people who requested it and they get to keep their tanning beds.

Anthony: Oh.

Dr. Mercola: Yeah! There were no patient complaints. No one had any injury, but that's the way it goes.

Dr. Mercola: Anyway, the dermatologists say that the sun isn't healthy because it increases skin cancer. Yes, it does increase the risk of certain types of benign skin cancers like basal cell and squamous cell, but for every one of those benign cancers you get, doesn't increase melanoma rate. In fact, it decreased it. You actually cut down the risk of heart disease and cancer. So it's a 500 to one ratio.

Speaker 1: Right.

Dr. Mercola: The reason why the dermatologists, I never knew this until I read his book, where so opposed to it because of the sunscreen manufacturers. That was the lobby that pushed them forward. It was millions and millions of dollars that they're supporting it. That's the reason why the dermatologists are so opposed to the sun.

Dr. Mercola: I mean, it's so blatantly obvious that you need to have sun. I mean, it's a sensible sun exposure. You should never get sunburned, obviously. I mean, it'd be irrational if you think you should be sunburned, because that's risky, but if you have normal healthy exposure on a lot of your skin, that's one of the best things you can do. Not only does it have UVB to create vitamin D, but it also has near-infrared. The UVA, which both increase nitric oxide, lowers your blood pressure, and it also is a fuel source for cytochrome C oxidase in the mitochondria, to give you some energy. There's a lot more benefit to getting your vitamin D from the sun than from swallowing a pill. I've been taking vitamin D pills for over 10 years.

Anthony: I was going to ask about that.

Anthony: You made the comparison that it's much easier to be healthier in Florida. Part of that I would assume is because of how much longer it takes to get the required sun exposure up north in Chicago, to produce the vitamin D that you need-

Dr. Mercola: There's the length of time, but also the length of the year that you can get it.

Dr. Mercola: You literally have four more months up here than you do up north where I'm from in Chicago.

Dr. Mercola: There was a window of about four or five months where you can get decent vitamin D.

Anthony: Right.

Dr. Mercola: [inaudible 00:09:14] to get vitamin D. Here it's probably closer to 10 months. 10 and a half months.

Anthony: Yeah.

Anthony: So, you've been biohacking and pioneering this space for a long time. Aside from getting more sunlight and making the move to Florida, what is another biohack that has had a massive impact on your quality of life and your health?

Dr. Mercola: Well, one of the most important ones is recognizing the danger of EMF. I have been explaining to people for probably 15 years of the dangers. That it caused damage in a mechanism that was called non-thermal.

Dr. Mercola: Intellectually, academically I instilled it, but I didn't embrace it. I didn't fully understand it. I just knew that. It was just this fact hanging in the air. It never hit my mind in a way to motivate me to action. Hopefully, I'm going to share some of that because actually my next book ... that's being published, is called Keto Fast.

Dr. Mercola: We can hopefully talk about that for a bit. That's coming out on April 30th this year. The one I'm working on now is about EMF, which I've actually started writing about three years ago, but had to put on hold because I had three other books to write in the meantime. The timing was off too.

Dr. Mercola: The appreciation of the EMF and limiting the exposure is probably the single most important I've done in a long, long time. There's a lot of confusion on this. Lots of confusion because we know big pharma, it lobbies ...

Anthony: In telecomm?

Dr. Mercola: Well, telecomm industry and the wireless industry, they have this revolving door lobby between the federal regulatory industry. In fact, the Head of the lobby for telecommunications, Tom Wheeler, I don't know if you've heard of him before?

Anthony: No.

Dr. Mercola: He was elected by the President or appointed the Head of the FTC.

Dr. Mercola: The top post for regulation of the wireless industry! He was the Head. So I mean what can you expect?

Anthony: It seems a conflict of interest.

Dr. Mercola: Yeah. Let me tell you. It's just a minor one, but it's pretty obvious to me and anyone who wants to care to examine this, that cell phones are indeed the cigarettes of the 21st century.

Anthony: Right.

Dr. Mercola: We know what happened with tobacco. In the 70s, the EPA and the FDA both came out and said that cigarettes aren't healthy. Surgeon General said it. You should stop smoking.

Dr. Mercola: But the tobacco industry ... and there's another good book called Merchants of Doubt and a movie, that is very illuminating with respect to the specific tactics that the industry used. That highlighted, that essentially employed these tactics and for literally 30 years ... even though the federal [inaudible 00:12:10] was saying it was dangerous, told people outright it was dangerous, they created doubt. That there's not a consensus.

Dr. Mercola: They confused people for 30 years. So even with the regulatory trade agencies that says it's dangerous, 30 years later, finally everyone knows now.

Dr. Mercola: It's even worse with wireless because the federal regulatory agencies are bought for by the industry and they're not saying it's dangerous, even though it is. So, hardly anyone understands this. We're literally decades away from having the same type of intervention that we had with smoking.

Anthony: We're going through ... History is repeating itself, essentially.

Dr. Mercola: Exactly!

Dr. Mercola: You can see ... in the book Merchants of Doubt, they discuss not only tobacco but asbestos and about four or five other different topics.

Dr. Mercola: You can see, it's the same pattern every time. In fact, the wireless industry is hiring the same PR agencies that tobacco did.

Dr. Mercola: You know, there's a way to understand it. Thankfully, we know the mechanism now. I've just learned the mechanism about two or three years ago from Dr. Martin Pall. Who, I'm sure you've heard of. Actually, you know because you do your [inaudible 00:13:14]. It's these calcium channels-

Anthony: Yeah. Well, there's a lot of listeners that probably aren't even aware that cell phones, and wifi, and cell towers are impacting your health. So, maybe you can give people the 101 overview on how these invisible things act like toxins in the body.

Dr. Mercola: Well, I'm sure most people are aware of the controversy.

Dr. Mercola: Some people think it's dangerous. Some people say it's not.

Anthony: Then we go, it's a convenience!

Dr. Mercola: Convenient. It's the convenience of having wireless.

Dr. Mercola: I'm not a technical... or a luddite. I've embraced technology. It's one of the reasons why my site got to be where it is, because I love technology. There's lots of motivation to not want to believe this. Anyone that says, yeah, it's not an issue, but there is.

Dr. Mercola: Even I didn't get it and I should know better. I'm sure many people listening to this or watching this, they're in the same boat. If you want more details, you can look up Martin Pall. P-A-L-L on YouTube. He's got a dozen lectures out there. He goes into all the specific science... but he's pretty deep.

Dr. Mercola: So, my job ... He's a pretty hardcore molecular biology biochemist. He doesn't speak normal language, you know, but his stuff is spot on. It's really good, but you've got to have these academically trained to understand it.

Dr. Mercola: My job was to translate. Essentially it boils down to these calcium ... these EMFs that activate these calcium, these voltage-gated calcium channels. They allow calcium to go from the outside of the cell to the inside.

Dr. Mercola: Now, what most people don't realize, and Pall doesn't go into detail, but this concentration of calcium outside the cell is 20 to 100,000 times higher than it is inside the cell. When you think of calcium, you say, well, calcium is in the bones. It gives me structural strength. Yes, it does that and thank God it does that, but it sure has a lot of other roles in the body. It's a biological signaling molecule. You know, to fire muscles and to have all these other nerve transmission, neurobiogenesis, or neurogenesis. It transfers that information. These receptors are sensitive to the EMFs.

Dr. Mercola: Now here's the key point is that the safety standards for your phone and my phone, were developed not on that concept. they're developed on the thermal issue. The issue of heating because the EMFs are microwaves and just like the microwaves in your oven, which you shouldn't have by the way; what's the best microwave oven? Do you know?

Anthony: Not having one?

Dr. Mercola: That's right. That's right.

Anthony: Boom.

Dr. Mercola: I would say the steam convection oven is the right answer to that.

Dr. Mercola: But the microwave will vibrate charge particles inside and outside the cell. It heats it up. When they're vibrating, they create heat, and your cell phone will not damage your body based on that mechanism. It does not cause enough heat radiation.

Anthony: It's not cooking you.

Dr. Mercola: It's not cooking you.

Anthony: Right. That's not the problem though.

Dr. Mercola: It is not the problem.

Anthony: So that's what all the safety standards are based on, but that's not the problem.

Dr. Mercola: It's all based on that.

Dr. Mercola: It's based on this voltage-gated calcium channel. We know from hundreds and hundreds of studies that this is well-established. And those channels, how much more sensitive to the EMF do you think they are than the charge particles?

Anthony: I would imagine quite a bit.

Dr. Mercola: 10? 20? What do you think?

Anthony: A thousand?

Dr. Mercola: Good guess. 7.2 million.

Anthony: Wow!

Dr. Mercola: So, what does that mean? That means the safety standards are off by 7.2 million. 7.2 million.

Anthony: This is not necessarily something that you can feel?

Dr. Mercola: No, you can't feel it.

Dr. Mercola: So, let me give you another good example because this helps people understand. I've just really put it together for the book I'm writing about, which created some really nice graphics. This is going to be great. I can't wait for this book to come out.

Anthony: I'm very excited for it too. We have a mutual friend, Nick Pineault.

Dr. Mercola: Oh, yeah. Nick Pineault Is it Pineault? He's a French Canadian. He's a very weird last name. He's got the best book out there right now. EMF ... The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs. That EMF I think is with [inaudible 00:17:22]. If you want some more information though, then get his book because it is clearly the best.

Anthony: Grab that and then grab Dr. Mercola's book as soon as it comes.

Dr. Mercola: It'll be out in a year or so. It goes deeper into the science than Nick's doing. Nick has a lot of good practical recommendations.

Anthony: Right.

Dr. Mercola: Everyone knows that ionizing radiation, which is a little shorter wavelengths, is dangerous. X-rays, gamma rays, right? We have to wear Geiger. We have to wear Geiger googles. We have to wear these detectors and there are lead aprons when you get your x-rays and everything. It's dangerous. We'll accept it. No controversy.

Dr. Mercola: So how do x-rays cause cancer? They do it basically because these short wavelengths are very powerful. A lot of energy. Okay? That's ionized radiation. This energy comes in and it can do one of two things. It actually has enough energy to break the covalent bonds in DNA.

Anthony: Why is that bad?

Dr. Mercola: Well, when you cause DNA damage, it'll increase cancer rate. It'll prematurely age you. It's [inaudible 00:18:29] cells. It's just inflammation. It's just about the most dangerous thing you can do to your body is increase DNA breaks. Fortunately we have systems to repair that. I'll get into that in a minute. But it does it through directly breaking damaging the covalent bond. The secondary way and the more common is that it create hydroxyl free radicals right in the nucleus. Direct. That's important because hydroxyl free radicals only last a billionth of a second.

Dr. Mercola: They're created in the mitochondria, but because they're only lasting a billionth of a second, you can only travel via proteins. They cannot escape via the mitochondria. They cannot go into the cytoplasm. They can't go into the nucleus. The ionized radiation's just right there. Bang. That's x-rays and gamma rays. Exposure to nuclear isotopes. Very dangerous. Increases your cancer. It will kill you if you get enough. Almost instantly. Certainly increases your risk of cancer long term.

Dr. Mercola: So cell phone, wireless, do not cause damage that way, but it's same type of damage they cause. They do it in a different mechanism. Okay. We go back to the voltage-gated calcium channel, calcium rushes into the cell. What the hell does calcium do when you have increased levels? There's two things. It increased nitric oxide, which is a really good thing. It has so many benefits. Primarily vascular. It lowers your blood pressure, erectile dysfunction. So you've got more blood flow. It's great stuff. When you combine it with super oxide, it forms this pernicious free radical. It's not really a free radical, but it functions like one. It's called peroxynitrite.

Dr. Mercola: You probably have some really diligent biohackers in your tribe, right? If you do, then you want to pick up this ... Go to Google and type in nitric oxide and peroxynitrite in health and disease.

Dr. Mercola: Pacher is the author. P-A-C-H-E-R. The article is 12 years old. This book, it's 140 pages. it's free, and it's 1400 references. It took me a week to read. I read it twice and I plan on reading it again before I finish my book. It is probably the best article I've ever read. It's fantastic. If you read that, and stick with it, you look up the terms you don't know. You'll really have a deep profound understanding of peroxynitrite is.

Dr. Mercola: Virtually any physician practicing or even probably anyone in school don't have the faintest clue of what this is. It's more in the realm of molecular biology. This last nine billion times longest than a hydroxy free radical. That means its alive long enough to easily pass out of the cell. Up to the mitochondria, into the cytoplasm, into the nucleus, and in between cells.

Dr. Mercola: I mean, it lives a long time. Relatively long time. It's still one or two seconds, but that's nine billions times longer than hydroxyl radicals. It's more pernicious than hydroxyl, which is about to be the most dangerous one out there. I said peroxynitrite comes in, sneaks in, goes to the nucleus and damages the DNA, cuts up the bonds, just like the ionizing radiation.

Anthony: Wow.

Dr. Mercola: It's very similar. It's ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation. Your cell phone is non-ionizing. It does not ... There's not enough energy in those wavelengths to damage the DNA directly. It's an indirect mechanism through peroxynitrite.

Anthony: So many people are becoming more aware of environmental toxins. Pesticides and things like that ...

Dr. Mercola: Glyphosates in specific.

Anthony: Yeah, glyphosates.

Anthony: Are there parallels to what's happening in the body when we're exposed to cell phone radiation, wifi, cell towers, and what happens if we're exposed to toxins?

Dr. Mercola: Yeah. There's typically more ... To find out the tissues that are the most commonly affected, you have to look at the density of voltage-fated calcium channels. Which tissues have those? The highest ones are the brain and the heart. Also your reproductive system. So, it hits those tissues. So you have radical increase in neurodegenerative disease ... Alzheimer's-

Anthony: My father has Parkinson's-

Dr. Mercola: Neuropsychiatric diseases. Arrhythmias.

Dr. Mercola: If someone you know has arrhythmia, the first thing you look at is their exposure to wireless radiation. You cut that off. In many cases, if that prognosis, it's going to improve.

Anthony: You were someone that turned me onto that. When I had clients with arrhythmias-

Dr. Mercola: Did they get better?

Anthony: Yeah. Adding a little bit of magnesium, which you also suggested.

Dr. Mercola: Yeah. Definitely. Magnesium.

Dr. Mercola: Let me just finish up this damage and then I'll go into some of the really cool biohacks.

Dr. Mercola: The biggest biohack is making sure you do not have unnecessary exposure to EMF radiation. Which means hopefully you're motivated, just from now what you've heard to never, never, never, ever carry your cell phone on your body, unless it's in airplane mode, or you have some radical emergency.

Dr. Mercola: Even then, put in the car or five feet away. As far as you can. Get it off your body. It's crazy. You should not have it on your body.

Dr. Mercola: Anyway, the peroxynitrite comes in and causes the damage. Thank God our body in its wisdom ... You know, literally many, many years ... Well before wireless radiation was every discovered, we have a mechanism to repair DNA damage.

Dr. Mercola: One of the fundamental enzymes to repair it is called PARP; polyadpribosepolymerase, PARP. Comes there, does its damage and clean up the mess. It does it with ionizing radiation or non-ionizing radiation? Here's the key thing ... The biggest consumer, what's the biggest consumer of NAD+ in the body?

Anthony: Mitochondria?

Dr. Mercola: Nope?

Anthony: No?

Dr. Mercola: Nope.

Anthony: I'm out of guesses.

Dr. Mercola: PARP.

Anthony: PARP?

Dr. Mercola: PARP. PARP sucks up the most NAD. So, Can you take NAD supplements and augment? Yes, we're going to go over that in a little bit. But it does make a lot more sense to address the issues that are causing your body to use it?

Anthony: Okay. This is huge. I'm connecting dots. So-

Dr. Mercola: That's my job.

Anthony: This is great.

Anthony: For the listeners who are not familiar with NAD ...

Dr. Mercola: Yeah, that was the next question. I don't know what your audience knows. How deep do I have to go to explain it?

Anthony: Yeah. Yeah. There's some people that are very advanced and there's some people who are hearing some of this stuff for the first time.

Anthony: But, this is amazing. Especially because we've both seen how popular NAD+ IVs and supplements have become, you're sort of explaining the biochemical pathways that justify that.

Dr. Mercola: Yes. The need for that because NAD decreases as you age.

Dr. Mercola: Sinclair's done a lot of work out of Harvard. I published a new book actually with him once on this. It really is crucial. It's one of the most important things you can do because you can to do it to extend your lifespan; increase quality of life and decrease degenerative diseases. Because almost everything that increases NAD are all the healthy things anyway. They're going to have a lot of other benefits; decreased inflammation, telomere linked and all those.

Dr. Mercola: I think we've established the need for NAD+. But we need to explain what it was. NAD is a family of coenzymes. There's four. NAD+, NADH, they're kind of connected; the higher the NAD, the better, + over NADH. The ratio, in fact, determines as a really key index for longevity. But then, and these levels are 100,000 times lower. There's this enzyme called NADK or NAD kinase. Kinase is an enzyme that puts phosphate out. This NAD kinase phosphorylates NAD to form NAD+. Now NAD+ is not the good guy in this case, because When you reduce it NADPH, that's the good guy. Have you ever heard of NADPH before?

Anthony: No.

Dr. Mercola: NADPH is the battery of your cell. It is the primary donator of electrons. To recharge your intracellular anti-oxidants. Glutathione. Vitamin C. Vitamin E, Catalase, isoflavs. This is what it helps regenerate. You can't do that without electrons. NADPH does that. When you increase NAD, you'll downstream and you increase NADPH. There's other ways to increase NAPDH too, which is to inhibit NOX. NOX is NADPH oxidase. Which actually oxidizes NADPH. Takes up that and turns NAPH into NADP, which is not as good. It's kind of the reverse. The other ratio of NADP is that's the one you want less of and NADPH is the one you can't get enough of. That's the good guy. That's one of the ways.

Dr. Mercola: It's important to know that because it helps explain some of the biohacks. If you understand the biochemistry, you can appreciate the biohacks.

Dr. Mercola: So, when is that useful? It is the most important biomolecule in your body. You could not function with oxidative phosphorylation of the mitochondria. You could not create energy without it. You need NAD and NADH, primarily in mitochondria, but ... it makes nucleotides, fatty acids, and with NADPH, your body just needs it! If you didn't have NAD, you'd be in 15 seconds! You could go without oxygen for a lot longer than that; you could go without food and water for even longer. So NAPH is fundamental, probably even more ... well just as fundamental is ATP.

Dr. Mercola: Which is, the way you generate energy. So, I could go on energy generation but there's not enough time, so what we'll do is go into ... because that's a really fascinating story, the way the body creates energy. Well, let's go there a little bit. Because essentially, it's an important story.

Dr. Mercola: So, you eat food, primarily as fats and carbs. I mean, you have protein but that's for structural stuff, and your enzymes and proteins, you don't really burn them for fuel. You could but you typically don't; you could burn glycerol or alcohol too, but it's primarily fats and carbs. So, you take these as fuel and it's digested and broken down to its products and finally reaches the mitochondria where it ... primarily in the mitochondria, in the form of where 85 percent of your energy is generated, it grabs these electrons; the electrons from your food go and they pass through these set of five proteins, or four proteins, in the mitochondrial membrane, in the matrix there. It passes them through and NADH is part of that process and in that version, it just passes these electrons all along and ultimately the ultimate electron acceptor is oxygen. So the oxygen you breathe gets passed through that ... when you add the electrons to the oxygen, it forms water.

Dr. Mercola: Now, it's not a perfect process; there's some leakage in the electron transport chain by hand off. In about two to three percent of that leakage forms reactive oxygen species. These really react to things like super oxide and hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl free radicals. But they pretty much stay in the mitochondria. That's why mitochondria DNA gets damaged so much. Those reactive oxygen species rarely ever pass out of the mitochondrial membrane into the DNA ... into the nucleus.

Dr. Mercola: So they stay there and they create this ... maybe can pass out into the cytoplasm ... but anyway, they're created there. Now if you have this basic, like, you and your team, and most of the people watching, you're healthy. Your metabolically flexible. You're burning fat for fuel, so you're .... creating the ... the super oxide, these reactive oxygen species at that level and it's important! Those are bad free radicals. Not all free radicals are bad, you need some. Just like nitric oxide is a free radical, you need it. Too much is a problem. So when you eat improperly and you're burning carbs as your primary fuel, very inefficient process; makes a lot more reactive oxygen species.

Dr. Mercola: Maybe 40 percent more. So you have more super oxide, to combine with nitric oxide. When those EMFs hit your voltage gated calcium channels and it makes peroxynitrite more. One of the first steps is to make sure you're metabolically flexible. I discuss this ... I'm sure you're ....

Anthony: I've read your book, Fat for Fuel. It's fantastic.

Dr. Mercola: My new book, Keto Fast, which is really more about longevity hack; the foundation is Fat for Fuel. But the big thing with keto fuel, or keto fast and I didn't invet this, but the research is so clear and Satchin Panda, is probably the biggest, best guy in that, is to compress your eating window. Probably the single biggest message I give to people.

Dr. Mercola: Initially, 10 years, 15 years ago, the message was... I feel so thankful and proud I was able to be a big part and catalyst in this movement ... was to help the public understand that the single most important step they can take to improve their health was to stop drinking soda.

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: I think people got that message.

Dr. Mercola: When I started preaching that in the early 2000s, that was not known. It really wasn't. I mean, many people understood that, but the general public was clueless. They were beyond clueless. [inaudible 00:31:50], early 2000s, people had soda all the time! They still do, but at least now it's diet; there's still confusion about that because of the industry, but at least they got the message. They're getting their ... fruit juice is the same thing! So people get that.

Dr. Mercola: What they don't get now is that you need to compress your eating window.

Dr. Mercola: How do I know? Because of Satchin. Panda's research. He showed that over 90 percent of the public ... 90 percent! Nine out of ten people, eat more than 12 hours a day!

Anthony: Even with all this intermittent fasting that people are doing?

Dr. Mercola: 90 percent!

Dr. Mercola: So the single best hack, even if you don't change your foods, which we don't recommend, obviously ... get the highest quality non-processed food you could ... compress your eating window to six to eight hours. Which will help dramatically improve your longevity and will increase your NAD levels too.

Dr. Mercola: Long-term fasting ... longer term, and I'm not a big fan of ... when I wrote this book Keto Fast, I was going to write it about water fasting and then after I dug into the research, I realized, water fasting ... I don't believe is that good for you and I don't recommend it any more, after doing the research. So ... because I think you can get the similar benefits and do that more frequently by doing partial fast; two day partial fast and I do it twice a week. Twice a week and then you know what happens when you fast with respect to NAD?

Anthony: No?

Dr. Mercola: You increase your NAD levels by 30 percent.

Anthony: Wow!

Dr. Mercola: 30 percent.

Anthony: So everything that we've been talking about-

Dr. Mercola: Boom!

Anthony: Decline in NAD levels? All you got to do is compress that feeding window and you get a 30 percent increase in your-

Dr. Mercola: Yeah. You also [crosstalk 00:33:28].

Dr. Mercola: You also inhibit, at the mTOR pathway.

Anthony: Right.

Dr. Mercola: And when you do that, you activate autophagy.

Dr. Mercola: Autophagy comes from the Greek words, self-eating, which is the process that we use to describe removal of cellular parts that are damaged and need to be replaced. It is not apoptosis, which is removal of the whole cell, and there's like three different types of autophagy. There's micro-autophagy, necro-autophagy, CMA receptor, and chaperone-mediated autophagy. But essentially, it's a brilliant mechanism the body has to go in there and remove this stuff, and you activate it. So the key thing is to activate autophagy. And you could do that ... you do it somewhat with, intermittent fasting; and I do a six to eight hour fast ... a six to eight hour eating window every day. That's pretty much my standard.

Dr. Mercola: It's really rare ... maybe once a month, I'll go off of that but it's unusual.

Anthony: Are there any concerns for people that have adrenal fatigue or all out adrenal failure or people that are dealing with a cumulative ... a number of other cumulative stressors? Maybe they are exercising a lot ... where fasting can become another stressor and become detrimental?

Dr. Mercola: Yes. There are some.

Dr. Mercola: There's a few indications where a partial fast should not be done, or be somewhat careful with intermittent fasting. Those are, if you're underweight, if you're pregnant, if you're breastfeeding. But if you're a woman and you're concerned about hormonal differences, then it's just a bunch of nonsense.

Anthony: And, before we kind of tie it back into EMFs, and NAD, a number of people, especially when they're in a dilapidated state of health, feel like they need to eat every two hours.

Dr. Mercola: There's a reason for that-

Anthony: Or they're ravenous.

Dr. Mercola: Right.

Anthony: Why is that and how can they adapt?

Dr. Mercola: It's really to understand.

Dr. Mercola: Because they are not metabolically flexible. They cannot break down the fat they have stored in their body and access it as energy. You need energy; you have to have energy. If you've run out of energy, your gas tank is dry, you're going to have problems. You'll feel tired, fatigued, and you just won't be able to function. You won't be able to think clearly.

Dr. Mercola: So, their only fuel is glucose. So when their glycogen stores go low, they don't have fuel anymore. Because they can't access the fat. So, there's this transition period of a few weeks where they will be uncomfortable and tired. One of the ways around it, is using very short chain fat, like MCT oil would be best, caprylic acid would be better than C8, and even better, would be exogenous ketones.

Anthony: Okay. So you are a fan of exogenous ketones.

Dr. Mercola: Yeah. I don't use ... in this situation, where a person has to go through this transition phase and then they may make sense, but there is another case for it; it's really good, because we can skip over here now ... Acid. Because you fly, we all fly ... I mean, anyone in this arena will be flying. I try to fly as little as possible, typically it's once a month. So what can you do, based on the information we have now, which we haven't fully explained yet, to biohack and minimize the damage from ionizing radiation when you're flying at 35000 feet and there's non ionizing too, because they got wifi. So you got non ionized and ionized-

Anthony: [crosstalk 00:36:38].

Dr. Mercola: How do you mitigate it? How do you prevent it?

Anthony: We do a ton of trazine electric hydrogen tablets.

Dr. Mercola: That is one good way. [crosstalk 00:36:48]. Do you know how that works? Do you know how those work?

Dr. Mercola: They both have similar mechanisms. At least we think they do.

Anthony: My understanding was, to neutralize some of those intracellular free radicals, the-

Dr. Mercola: No.

Anthony: No?

Dr. Mercola: Well, it does, but how does it do that?

Anthony: My understanding was, because it's so small, it's able to get into the intercellular space ... Because it is such a small molecule, the H2?

Dr. Mercola: Well, it's molecular hydrogen, so it can't get in there. But once it gets in, it doesn't neutralize it directly, that's a misnomer. It doesn't ... you'd think it would; it would neutralize hydroxyl free radical, that's not the way it works. It works indirectly ... medically, it stimulates a pathway called Nrf2. And that is the beauty of it. It stimulates Nrf2. So molecular hydrogen and CBD are both Nrf2 stimulators.

Anthony: And curcumin?

Dr. Mercola: Curcumin and ...

Anthony: Those are the things that I load up on before I fly-

Dr. Mercola: [inaudible 00:37:39]. But there's better ways.

Anthony: Yeah?

Dr. Mercola: Yeah.

Anthony: Do share!

Dr. Mercola: So molecular hydrogen is definitely one of them. There's two other ones that increase your NAD. Actually, increase ketones. So what can you do when you fly?

Anthony: Fast.

Dr. Mercola: Yes!

Dr. Mercola: It's free! It's totally free!

Anthony: Stop eating all the airplane food!

Dr. Mercola: Even better. I seek to get an early morning flight ... not six, that's a little bit too early because you got to get three hours before a flight [crosstalk 00:38:11] ... Sometimes you don't have a choice! But once or twice a year we might have to book a six. But, I intentionally go for the seven to nines. That's beautiful! You get a seven o'clock, nine o'clock, you do not eat! And you have stopped eating at three o'clock the night before, so you're going in there, fasted. And you're not eating until you land. But even then, maybe an hour or two hours afterwards.

Dr. Mercola: Why? Because you increase your ketones big time.

Dr. Mercola: So? Why is that good?

Dr. Mercola: This is the key. Ketones are magic when it comes to oxidative stress, for number of ways. They ... they're HDAC inhibitors; histone deacetylase inhibitors. And as a result of that, they radically decrease inflammation. They increase a pathway called FOXO3a, and, I believe, Nrf2. That decreases catalase, superoxide dismutase ... NADPH, it increases NADPH, to recharge all your cellular anti-oxidants. So you can't take vitamin C, vitamin D. It's too damn big a molecule. It won't go in there and do it. The only reason why your polyphenols that you're taking are working, is because they're causing this activation of the Nrf2 pathway. They're not directly, antioxidants. They're hormetic antioxidants.

Anthony: Right.

Dr. Mercola: So that's one way. Is that you fast.

Dr. Mercola: You could also take exogenous ketones.

Anthony: So what I'm hearing you say is that vitamin C, which many people are taking to prevent the common cold and you'll probably go into why that's not the best approach-

Dr. Mercola: Not to prevent it, but to treat it.

Anthony: To treat it? Right.

Dr. Mercola: I would never take it to prevent it.

Anthony: And, why is that?

Dr. Mercola: Because it's just not ... just get it from your diet. Maybe take ... I personally take a 200 mg of vitamin C a day and I split up into four. Or 250, so I take like 60 mg, four times a day. You don't need a lot, just to cover your bases. But when you're sick, you go big guns. Three grams, liposomal C, every hour.

Anthony: Right. That's what Carrie took [crosstalk 00:40:14].

Dr. Mercola: It works. We've got one of the best ones in the market. It's like a miracle thing and it doesn't work because ... Vitamin C converts to hydrogen peroxide, it's a very powerful pro-oxidant, that can go in and blast, obliterate those pathogens, so that's the way it works and then we take it for a day or two and that's it. We don't take it regularly. I wouldn't take a gram a day. That's way too much. I mean, people can argue with me but that's the conclusion I reached.

Anthony: And so people's understanding has been, that they take vitamin C and that's the antioxidant, but what you're saying is no, the vitamin C is creating this hormetic response in the body and up regulating Nrf2 and some of these-

Dr. Mercola: So vitamin C doesn't do it. Vitamin C is antioxidant, there's no question.

Anthony: Okay.

Dr. Mercola: But, it's ... there's is basic level of vitamin C in your body. It's essentially, in its beneficial, active form, it's reduced and it donates and it neutralizes. It loses its electrons and it gets recharged by NADPH. So, you're not getting any new antioxidant ... [inaudible 00:41:22] eventually gets you to replace it, otherwise you get scurvy, if it's severe.

Anthony: Can I tell our pirates listening ...

Dr. Mercola: Do you know what you get if you don't get enough niacin? Which is one ... the best precursor provided for NAD? It's in at the foundation of NAD, is niacin.

Anthony: Yeah? No, what?

Dr. Mercola: It's called pellagra. Lots of people died from pellagra, at the beginning of the twentieth century until they started the fortify the field foods, because these certain diets, Mexican diets and stuff, lot of corn, and they were niacin deficient diets, and they developed pellagra. Diarrhea, dermatitis and dementia and death were the four Ds. So, it's a serious disease but it wasn't really a niacin deficiency, you know what it was a deficiency of?

Dr. Mercola: NAD.

Dr. Mercola: You couldn't give ... you don't have to give them a microgram of niacin, you could have given them NAD precursors and they would have got better. Because niacin works to convert NAD.

Anthony: So before, I ask you about the current state of NAD deficiency and what's causing that and how that relates to EMFs, when you fly, walk us through Dr. Mercola's process-

Dr. Mercola: I don't eat.

Anthony: Okay.

Dr. Mercola: I'll be fasting. So that's my book, Keto Fast.

Dr. Mercola: First step is to compress your eating window. Eat sex to eight hours. So I can eat typically at nine, I'm done at three. My typical window. Sometimes it's ten to four, it depends. Nine thirty, three thirty, somewhere in that range. And if you go eight hours, that's fine. I just like a little more compression. So the key thing is, at least three to four hours before you go to bed, because that's the last thing you want to do, is create food as fuel and create energy while you're sleeping. Bad idea. Bad idea.

Anthony: [inaudible 00:43:08] stores tank.

Dr. Mercola: I'm not eating. I've fasted the night before, and I don't eat on a flight. That's the first step. And I'll take molecular hydrogen tablets.

Anthony: How many do you do when you fly?

Dr. Mercola: I do one every 90 minutes or so.

Anthony: Okay.

Dr. Mercola: You could do two. Now, it takes a while to go, so I'll do it before I go on the flight. I'll take one as soon as the flight ... as soon as I can. If I'm in first class, I'll do it before I take off. If I'm coach, I'll take it when they serve you water, because you need water to do it. But the [inaudible 00:43:39] tablets work, they're high dose. I think they're nine parts per million, or nine milligrams per liter. Then I'll do ... and I haven't done this yet, but I've experimented, but now I'm committed. On my last flight, I realized I'm committing to exogenous ketones and in fact, I got the KetoneAid, 600 ml. So, it's a pricey $300. But you take 10 or 20 mls, so it'll last about a year. And you don't have to. If you're an obsessive compulsive like me, then do it. But do one a flight. Don't do it before and if it's a long flight, if I'm flying international, I'd probably take two or three doses.

Anthony: Two or three doses of the KetoneAid?

Dr. Mercola: Yeah, like every [crosstalk 00:44:16], so when you measure [crosstalk 00:44:18]-

Anthony: That's a big one. I wasn't doing that.

Dr. Mercola: On my flight, I measure my ketones.

Anthony: Yeah?

Dr. Mercola: What's the best meter?

Anthony: The Precision Xtra?

Dr. Mercola: No. [crosstalk 00:44:25].

Anthony: What is it?

Dr. Mercola: Good thing you came today. [crosstalk 00:44:27].

Anthony: This is great!

Dr. Mercola: The Keto-Mojo.

Anthony: Keto-Mojo? All right!

Dr. Mercola: You know why?

Dr. Mercola: Strips are a dollar.

Anthony: Okay.

Dr. Mercola: One dollar strips.

Dr. Mercola: But it's real hard to find.

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: It's on Amazon.

Anthony: It is on Amazon?

Anthony: There we go!

Dr. Mercola: One dollar strips! Yeah.

Anthony: Yeah, can't argue with one dollar strips!

Anthony: Yeah. So beautiful!

Anthony: And anything else that is part of your flight?

Dr. Mercola: My seatmates love me ... what the hell is that guy doing ...

Anthony: Pulls out the beakers ... Safety googles.

Dr. Mercola: Well, usually in the morning, I'm not. But something, if I have a seven o'clock flight, I have my blue bottle glasses on.

Anthony: Yeah.

Anthony: A lot of people talk about the risk of deep vein thrombosis when flying and therefore advocate taking like an aspirin or three or four baby aspirin. What's your take-

Dr. Mercola: No. No, if you're doing what I said, you're radically lowering the inflammatory pathways.

Anthony: Okay.

Dr. Mercola: And these ketones are massive inhibitors of inflammation. Radically reduces it, so you don't have worry about it. But still, you get up and walk every 90 minutes or so. At least every 90, maybe every 30 or 40.

Anthony: Do you get a workout in when you land?

Dr. Mercola: It depends. I used to do the nitric oxide dump, but now I don't typically. I've revised ... my journey in exercise has gone a lot of different routes, but I used to ... [inaudible 00:45:52], I still will, if I'm waiting for luggage, I'll just do a nitric oxide dump. It's probably the best thing to do.

Anthony: I'm interested in hearing what your weekly workout regimen looks like these days.

Dr. Mercola: Oh, that would take a half hour.

Anthony: So, bringing things back to EMFs that we're exposed to, you talked about how to mitigate it on the plane. How do we ... What's the biggest threat with EMFs? Is it 5G? How we protect ourselves?

Dr. Mercola: Well 5G is an extension, an exacerbation of what we already have. It won't be deployed for a while, thankfully, but it's coming. It's inevitable. There's no way around it and the reason why it's so dangerous is because it's a longer wavelength and it's not as powerful so they need more of them in a greater density of these towers; so they're like, in a normal city block, you might have them, four of five of them-

Anthony: In one city block?

Dr. Mercola: Yeah! I mean, it's going to be ... hundreds of times more than you do with 4G. That's why it takes so long to deploy. So it's everywhere, you can't escape it. That's the biggest danger. It's just pervasive. Some of the cell phone towers, you can prevent ... here's the danger of saying that and alarming people. No, serious-

Anthony: You're all going to die.

Dr. Mercola: There is concern. Because it aggregates the personal responsibilities ... well, what the hell am I going to do? Right?

Anthony: They throw their arms up in the air.

Dr. Mercola: Because most ... even with the implementation of 5G, where is most of your danger coming from?

Anthony: It's coming from your phone and your wifi router.

Dr. Mercola: Right. Not from the stuff outside.

Anthony: Right.

Dr. Mercola: Wifi router on, in your house, is like a cell phone tower, in your room. Why the hell would you do that, when you have control?

Anthony: You and I both have ethernet. We were talking about that before.

Dr. Mercola: I've only had it for about two years. I've got some damage from internet exposure, unknowingly, I didn't realize it, but I'm pretty convinced it was a big issue, but I remediated that now. Thankfully, I did.

Dr. Mercola: So, the two most important things ... there's a lot of fine tuning this, and you read the next book to go into the details, but the two most important things are to make sure you do not have wifi on, at least at night. And preferably and ideally, spend the money, go to a home theater specialist, if you don't know who, they can install an ethernet cable, where you need them. They'll do it, they can run the walls, the wires to the wall, and it's a pain in the ass. Believe me, because you know, you got to hook up to ethernet adaptors to your notebooks and stuff. I mean, it's not a problem on your desktop, but I take my notebook all the way around ... Everyday I'm moving to ten different places, depending on where I'm at, so I can listen to stuff and watch podcasts and things.

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: And those ports get worn out and it's just a pain. It's a giant pain, but it's worth it.

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: So, just get rid of your wifi. Make sure your phone is only on you in airplane mode and use it as minimal possible. And I asked you how long or how frequently I charge my phone, and you were shocked to find out that I charge my phone like maybe once every ten days.

Anthony: That's amazing.

Dr. Mercola: And if for some reason, I need a [inaudible 00:48:56], I'm trapped, if I have to hail an Uber or something when I'm traveling, you know, it might be every four or five days.

Dr. Mercola: But you know, I can easily go four or five days without a problem.

Anthony: So, for someone that hasn't done anything to mitigate EMFs, am I hearing you correct, that the biggest things, are unplug the wifi at night, at a minimum-

Dr. Mercola: At a minimum.

Anthony: Preferably, switch-

Dr. Mercola: Yes, switch over. [crosstalk 00:49:19].

Anthony: Which you and I have, and it's not ... it wasn't that difficult for me. We made sure that the signal is turned off and then we have ethernet cords that [crosstalk 00:49:28].

Dr. Mercola: But I would verify. So, my favorite device is called the Acousticom 2. Acousticom. It's a radio frequency detector. Costs about $150. Very hard to find, just like the Keto-Mojo, it's on Amazon.

Dr. Mercola: And it will ... It's very nice, because it's analog signal. It will show you graphically, light up from green or no green, preferably, to all the way into the red. They know you couldn't just figure that out! So, you don't have to know what that the units are; but so you want to measure that, because sometimes, like especially when I did, I switched my routers ... Almost all my routers have wifi possibly enabled, and it's software can be turned on or off. It's very unusual to have a manual on off switch for the wifi.

Dr. Mercola: The problem that I noticed, when I had one of those, is that the router gets a software update, right? And boom, it's back on and you wouldn't know that, unless you check. So if you got one, you've got to check it on a regular basis.

Anthony: We need meters. People need meters. It's impossible to tell if you don't have one.

Dr. Mercola: Because you cannot feel this stuff. It's just like ionized x-rays you know? Do you feel damage when you get an x-ray?

Anthony: No.

Dr. Mercola: Hell no!

Dr. Mercola: Or, were you exposed to nuclear radiation? Fallout? You don't feel a darn thing until your dying!

Anthony: Yeah, not until the third rock starts to go.

Anthony: All right. Beautiful.

Anthony: Let's talk about your book Keto Fast, and you've talked about some things we could do for EMFs, tightening our feeding window to boost NA-

Dr. Mercola: That's the very first principle. And when I learned in Keto Fast ... the book's four principles, is that I don't recommend water fasting.

Anthony: Why?

Dr. Mercola: It's pretty startling, because I thought it was the most powerful metabolic inhibition that I've ever encountered as a physician. Well that's still the case, there are other mitigating factors that override that consideration.

Dr. Mercola: One, is the fact that we live in the 21st century. Can you believe that? What's the artifact of that? We have massive exposure to these industrial toxins.

Dr. Mercola: 80, 000 plus toxins. Glyphosates being one of the most important ... Although it's not ... it's water cycle; most of these toxins are fat cycle, they're stored in your fat cells. So when you're a multiple day water fast, you are ... hopefully are you metabolically flexible, and you will be, if you weren't, you will be by the end of the five days, and you will be burning fat for fuel, which is a good thing. There's probably still some indications for some very sick people, where that may be appropriate, but it's not a long-term intervention for anyone, I think. It's not their best strategy.

Dr. Mercola: So when you burn fat for fuel and use that as a source, those fat soluble toxins come out. And you have to get rid of them or you are in trouble. That's one of the reasons why most people, I believe, most people have side effects when they fast.

Dr. Mercola: It's from the liberation of these fat cell toxins ... these toxins, that their body fails to metabolize properly and modify them in a way that they can be easily eliminated and excreted.

Anthony: And you also have to wonder, I mean, we now know that was EMFs, those contributed to a degradation of the blood-brain barrier and if we were liberating toxins in an individual human that has a compromised blood-brain barrier, that could explain some of-

Dr. Mercola: Not a good idea.

Anthony: You're right!

Dr. Mercola: These toxins are real. There's no question. You can measure them, you can do fat biopsies. Send it to the lab; they are there, I can assure you.

Dr. Mercola: I was watching an interesting documentary the other night. We reviewed this on our website, but it's not published yet; with Teflon, the Devil We Know. It's on Netflix. Pretty interesting. Every one of us has these fluoride metabolism, every one of us has it! It's pervasive. You know, Scotchgard, and Teflon frying pans, and it just ... I don't have any, but I still have some. These molecules exist in your body and they can take you out prematurely.

Dr. Mercola: So, that's the reason I don't recommend multi-day water fast and what I recommend is partial fast. Partial fast, very simply, you do this compressed eating window. Instead of eating your normal breakfast at nine o'clock, you would have a meal that's about anywhere from three to 600 calories.

Anthony: Okay.

Dr. Mercola: That's it. And that's your only meal for the day. So you go another 24 hours, so you're essentially, a total of 42 hours, where you're at only 600 calories.

Anthony: Oh man, you give yourself like a little teaser meal, and then-

Dr. Mercola: Boom!

Anthony: You go back to fasting.

Dr. Mercola: But listen, if you're having a six hour eating window; you're having breakfast, maybe some snacks, macadamia nuts, a little lunch, in another little thing, you're only missing two meals.

Anthony: Right.

Dr. Mercola: And then comes like three o'clock, you're not eating anyways, so six hours are bed, and you wake up and you're reading to eat!

Dr. Mercola: So it's not that much of a ... depriving your body.

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: It really is much is minor and the beauty of this, when you do multi-day water fasting, someone like you could only do it like four times a year, otherwise you're going to get hurt.

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: You're not going to do it every month.

Anthony: Right.

Dr. Mercola: Four times a year, maybe once or twice, four times. [crosstalk 00:54:17].

Anthony: It throw you a little off your routine too.

Dr. Mercola: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: Even if you do four times a year, that's a total of 20 days. If you do partial fasting, twice a week, that's a hundred days. So you may not get as much of the autophagy activation and some of the benefits, but if you get 80 percent, 85 percent, collectively you're getting a much greater benefit to your body, over the long term.

Dr. Mercola: Plus you're not getting the damage from ... Because during that four to 600 calories, and we will talk about what the composition of those calories are in a moment, you're providing your body with the nutrients it needs to help detox those poisons circulating your body.

Anthony: So you're seeing greater benefit because you're providing these supporting nutrients and not leaving the body with a toxin dump, and no way of-

Dr. Mercola: And one of those important nutrients, especially for someone like you and me, is protein.

Dr. Mercola: So the normal recommendation, is not to have a lot of protein, because protein is thought to, I was watching it on a podcast with Rhonda Patrick, two days ago, a brilliant researcher, and she was supporting the fact that, [inaudible 00:55:24] mTOR, or protein [inaudible 00:55:25], so you don't need to activate mTOR, to inhibit autophagy. But I think that's flawed.

Dr. Mercola: Because, the devil is in the details. You don't want to have a lot ... The difference is, you don't want have a lot of protein, so I suggest, you reduce your protein levels on those days to about 50 percent of your normal intake; 50 percent down. So if you have 80 grams, you're taking 40.

Anthony: Okay.

Dr. Mercola: And not to have a lot of branched chains. So you wouldn't have whey protein, you wouldn't have meat. Because that will activate autophagy, or mTOR. You'll impair autophagy.

Dr. Mercola: So you have like, collagen, virtually no branched chains. Lots of glycine, hydroxyproline. Other things, vegetable sources of protein. We have an unbelievably great tasting vegan chocolate protein powder.

Anthony: I saw that.

Dr. Mercola: That is like magic. It tastes so good. It's like a chocolate shake.

Anthony: I'll have to try that.

Dr. Mercola: My dad used to take me, we would go to ... One in a Million, it was called, it was like, Dairy Queen clone and franchise back then and then we go over there once every month or so ... it was so great. It tastes just like that.

Anthony: Yeah?

Dr. Mercola: So you have that vegetable protein, and collagen ... So those amino acids can help fuel your detox systems. And then you have a little fat and here it's key, that you have very low carbs; be under ten grams.

Dr. Mercola: I think that magic occurs when you deplete your glycogen levels, and you don't deplete them in an 18 hour fast. You do not. You still have plenty of glycogen left. You'll know if-

Anthony: Does that include if you're working out?

Dr. Mercola: If you're working out, you can probably deplete it. Thanks for the correction. But normally, a minor workout, but if you're working out heavy, you will deplete them, you're correct.

Anthony: Right.

Dr. Mercola: Depends on the workout too. You could easily deplete them. Take a three hour walk, yeah, it's gone. How do you know you're depleted your glycogen levels? Well, guess what? Glycogen has a lot of water in it, so your glycogen levels go down, you're urinating a lot. You ever notice that?

Anthony: Yeah!

Dr. Mercola: Where's all the water coming from? Coming from depleting your glycogen levels. That's what you do, when you go to the 42 hour fast.

Anthony: And that's some of the weight people lose, when they first switch to a low carb or a keto diet.

Dr. Mercola: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: And every time I partial fast, which is twice a week, and I do it based on how much weight I have. I go to about 182 and go down to 178; I lose about four pounds in one day, and gain it back in two.

Dr. Mercola: Since I added the protein, because I was only going to about 10, 15 grams of protein, I went to 40 grams of protein and I noticed a big difference. This is the thing, my novel discovery, so to speak, because I know I have not seen, or read this anywhere else, so is that the partial fasting, combined with a little higher protein content-

Anthony: Okay.

Dr. Mercola: Not higher, maybe half your normal content still. So like, one meal, but I think it's the magic thing and you do that, you fuel detox systems, you activate autophagy, you activate stem cells; that's a really good thing.

Dr. Mercola: And you don't have to pay $10,000 for it.

Anthony: Right.

Anthony: Or $30,000! Isn't that what [crosstalk 00:58:30]? They get up there.

Anthony: So, this is brilliant. And now, is there a place for branched chain amino acids outside of the protein or do you get it all from the protein powder?

Dr. Mercola: No, I'm a huge believer in branched chains! You have to activate mTOR. You got to put the pedal to the metal! That's when you're working out!

Anthony: Okay.

Dr. Mercola: So the next day ... You got an Oura ring on?

Anthony: I'm not wearing right now but normally-

Dr. Mercola: Normally you do.

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: You know you get a 90, 95 score that you're going to get those scores after you partial fast. Because what happens, when your partial fasting, your lowest ... one of the major contributors to the readiness score is the level of the heart rate, and the time that it occurs. So like almost every time I do it, my lowest heart rate, it's like as soon as I go to sleep, and it just goes up and down. But when I'm not asleep, now before I wake up, that's the cool thing; and your readiness score goes through the ruff. Then you like burn it, so the next day, after partial fasting, you have the branched chains. You have the whey protein, you can have meat. Because you got to activate mTOR to build your muscle, or retain it.

Dr. Mercola: That's got to be regenerate and repair.

Anthony: So you've seen improvements in your sleep scores, the days after you do a partial fast?

Dr. Mercola: Well, the night of the partial fast.

Anthony: Okay.

Dr. Mercola: So that's where the sleep score seems to improves. Deep sleep improves. Yeah.It's usually pretty high; unless I've got some other issue going on. Might have a little cold or something, then my temperature level goes up which kind of screws things up.

Dr. Mercola: But my sleep scores are usually in the high 80s, typically. Which is a challenge ... Typically, what gets me out of orb, because it doesn't really assess deep sleep well. I've got this, the Dreem, you know about the Dreem?

Anthony: No.

Dr. Mercola: The Dreem is a headband that you wear; really painful to wear. It's about twice the cost of an Oura ring. Pretty much the only thing it does, is it more accurately measures your sleep cycles because it's four LED EEG, so it can show you more accurately when you're going into like, deep REM sleep.

Anthony: Okay.

Dr. Mercola: Yeah, so it was showing about twice the levels that Oura did.

Anthony: And you and I talked; both of us have had periods of low deep sleep.

Dr. Mercola: Yeah. Yeah.

Anthony: REM is good. So you believe that, that's a measurement issue rather than-

Dr. Mercola: I think it's a component of it. Yes.

Anthony: Okay.

Dr. Mercola: Who knows, maybe even the Dreem is measuring inaccurately. It's nice to see it higher. Now I've never had a problem with REM. There's many days, I mean, it's pretty unusual to get under three hours and sometimes I'm over five hours of REM sleep.

Anthony: Nice.

Dr. Mercola: Yeah. I'm always dreaming. I can't wait to go to sleep! Dreams ... And you know what I love, I'm just starting to do this. It's called W.I.L.D.

Anthony: What's that?

Dr. Mercola: Wake induced lucid dreaming. [crosstalk 01:01:09].

Dr. Mercola: Oh, whatever you want to do ... You want to be Superman? You want to be flying? You have this strategy when you get your mind where you're going; you're going to focus and concentrate on it, then you're doing it. It's like the most amazing thing! It's like virtual reality, you know? Except better!

Anthony: How can someone that's listening, or me, get started with wake induced lucid dreaming?

Dr. Mercola: I think I read a book about lucid dreaming. It's got all the details. It's a pretty good book. Because lucid dreaming is a cool topic.

Anthony: Yeah, that's fantastic.

Anthony: Before we kind of wrap on keto fast, anything else, I mean, if you guys are listening, make sure you pick up Mercola's book, Keto Fast.

Dr. Mercola: It comes out the end of April. But you can pre-order it now.

Anthony: Pre-order it, have it shipped on April 30th.

Dr. Mercola: Definitely is worth the investment. Because it's a tool, for the next two books I have. The next one is on EMF, but this is the foundation, and the one after that, is really going to be ... it already has twelve, fifteen hundred references and it's like 200 pages and I'm not, I haven't even finished a draft yet. I mean, I'm about halfway through and it is so comprehensive.

Dr. Mercola: The problem is you convert it to lay language because it's all, you know, all references. Most of the references are from the last few years. I through about five to ten studies a day that are just published that day for the public. So I'm able to like review it and put it in there and get it all compiled-

Anthony: I'm impressed that you're able to assimilate, compile such a massive amount of scientific literature-

Dr. Mercola: Yeah.

Anthony: And then translate it.

Dr. Mercola: There's one word for that; why I'm able to do that.

Dr. Mercola: NAD.

Dr. Mercola: It does radical things. So, I bet one of the biohacking secrets, which is what your request was, is I think the most important supplement I take is NAD, so there's many different ways to take it. First of all, how much NAD in your body? What's the total amount of NAD?

Anthony: [inaudible 01:03:06]?

Dr. Mercola: Sure. You're over 200 pounds aren't you?

Anthony: Yeah. Like 205?

Dr. Mercola: So, you probably have more than this. But in a 75 kilo person ... I'm a little bigger than that, it may be 9 grams. 9000 milligrams.

Anthony: Okay.

Dr. Mercola: Two teaspoons of NAD. Now you see, that's a lot! 9 grams! I'm taking 9 grams of NAD a day?

Dr. Mercola: No! You know why? Your body recycles 99 percent of it. 99 percent. So you're only losing, 90 milligrams. But that's healthy people. If you're exposed to EMF, you might be using four, five times that. So your NAD level goes up, so your requirements go higher, which is why people ... get depleted.

Dr. Mercola: So I think there's a number of ways to do this. The most important one, I think, because it's a complementary pathway and it's dirt cheap. You can buy this ... A year's supply for you and your family, cost less than $20. Less than $20! Probably $10! It's called niacin powder.

Anthony: Niacin powder?

Dr. Mercola: Powder.

Anthony: Okay.

Dr. Mercola: You get it on that very hard to find website called Amazon. Bulk supplements. I like the powder because it doesn't have any flow agents in there, there's no preservatives; just pure niacin. Simple niacin. No time released-

Anthony: Get the full flushed stuff?

Dr. Mercola: The potential full flush. You don't want a flush.

Dr. Mercola: The flushing is a release of histamine-

Anthony: Right.

Dr. Mercola: ... Which is related to the consumption of methyl donors. So you don't want to go there. You only need about 25 milligrams. The half-life of NAD is about 12 hours, so you want to do this twice a day; morning and night.

Dr. Mercola: 25 milligrams, 50 milligrams. So you get the powder that is like, you get a quarter of a teaspoon and maybe a quarter to an eight of that quarter teaspoon; small amount. Smaller the better until you get a little flushing, then you figured out the dose. Adjust that amount, then no more.

Dr. Mercola: Then that should be enough, because of the complement, which I think which is a far more potent way, which is nicotinamide riboside.

Dr. Mercola: There's three separate ones.

Dr. Mercola: Nicotinamide riboside was a molecule that was discovered by Charles Brenner and he developed it and sold it to Chromadex. So Chromadex owns the license or the patent on it, so they're the only ones that make this and there's a number of companies that sell it but they're the only ones that make it. So everyone has to buy it from them, so it's all the same.

Dr. Mercola: We would sell it if we could, but we can't, because they won't sell it to us. So I buy my from mine from Thorne. Because it's the best price.

Anthony: Okay.

Dr. Mercola: Simple. Thorne. I think their product ... this is it, it's called NiaCel-

Anthony: It's ResveraCel-

Dr. Mercola: This is ResveraCel. But it should be NiaCel. ResveraCel is resveratrol and you don't need it. There's better ways of doing it.

Anthony: So Thorne. NiaCel?

Dr. Mercola: Thorne. NiaCel.

Dr. Mercola: I would take a capsule, twice a day. Now you could swallow it, but when you swallow, and there are studies that show that it works when you swallow it, but very clear, if you look at the pharmacodynamics, it's metabolized in the liver. You lose a lot of it in the liver. So I say hey, what about bio-dynamic ... bio-identical hormone therapy replacement form, and I know how to insert it. You do it trans-mucosally.

Dr. Mercola: So, you can use it in the nasal passage, so you do intra-nasal; it's kind of pricey. Or you could ... which you could just use intra-nasal NAD. But I still wouldn't recommend it and I'll tell you why. We're not finished yet. But you can go intra-mucosal into the rectal area which is then, I think, [inaudible 01:06:35] most people for, but if you're a woman, you can use intra-vaginal too.

Dr. Mercola: So, the other one is nicotinamide mononucleotide; which other people use. Now actually, nicotinamide riboside, is converted to NMN in the body, so then why wouldn't I take NMN?

Dr. Mercola: Good reason! Good, great question! Because nicotinamide riboside is the smallest NAD+ precursor. The tiniest one with the least charge, so it's mostly easily, readily able to penetrate the cell membrane. It gets in the cell; it actually gets in the cell!

Dr. Mercola: There's a lot of dispute ... and it's controversial, there's no size studies that I've seen published, that prove that the NAD+ makes it into the cell. And yes ... there's no published reports on NAD+ working effectively, that I've read. And they may be out there, and I just missed it, but the NAD+ is speculated by Brenner and others, to actually get metabolized, broken down to the NR and put back into the cell, and then recreated.

Dr. Mercola: So yes, it's giving you the precursors, but it's an expensive way to do it. Expensive as hell; it's like $700 to $1000. Six hours? Why would you do that? I know Ben Greenfield does it all the time, and he's a tough guy to convince. I feel like I'm his father, trying to mentor him along and give him some stuff, but he's a good guy; I love Ben-

Anthony: Yeah, he's good.

Dr. Mercola: So, his hearts in the right place.

Anthony: The Onnit guys are very big on it too. Aubrey Marcus and Kyle Kingsbury-

Dr. Mercola: Yeah. I strongly disagree with it. I might be wrong! I'm not saying I know everything, but from what I reviewed, and I encourage anyone who disagrees to go review the literature and I've reviewed hundreds of studies, have spend dozens of hours reviewing this stuff. And as a conclusion, and come to your own conclusion, that was mine.

Dr. Mercola: So, I take NR. It's relatively inexpensive-

Anthony: NR being nicotinamide riboside.

Dr. Mercola: Nicotinamide riboside.

Dr. Mercola: And to bypass the oral problem and the liver, bypass metabolism, first pass metabolism rather, is to use it trans-mucosally as a suppository. I'm going to show you how to do that-

Anthony: Yes!

Dr. Mercola: You go to that very hard site, it's really hard, it's called Amazon, and you get a silicone candy mold, and there are 66 wells there. I don't really clean it because I just use this every time and you know it's all going up the butt so it doesn't really matter.

Dr. Mercola: Then you get a little spatula or toothpick and then you fill each of these wells that you're going to put this capsule in with coconut oil. It's got to be liquid; in the summer in Florida that's not an issue but at this time of year, it's still a solid, depends if it's over 75 degrees, it's going to be a liquid; if it's under, it's going to be a solid.

Anthony: So put in some hot water if it's-

Dr. Mercola: Just heat it with a real gentle flame. Coconut oil, it doesn't take much. You can put it in hot water, it'll turn into oil.

Dr. Mercola: You put it in there, just a little, maybe half-filled well and they you take one of the capsules, you put it in here and then you fill it up the rest with coconut oil. You stir it around and then fill up as many wells as you want, and then you put in the fridge and then literally 20 minutes later, you're done and it looks like this.

Anthony: Oh wow!

Dr. Mercola: That's it!

Anthony: There you go!

Dr. Mercola: You can see-

Anthony: So-

Dr. Mercola: It looks like a candy kiss.

Anthony: Yes. Or like, a traffic cone. [crosstalk 01:09:48].

Dr. Mercola: You put the big side up into your butt first. Not the small side.

Anthony: The big side?

Dr. Mercola: The big side.

Anthony: Come on. I feel like you're pranking us Mercola.

Dr. Mercola: I swear to God. You do it the other way, it'll fire it out.

Anthony: Really?

Dr. Mercola: Big side first. Because then it sticks in.

Dr. Mercola: If you look at a suppository, the big side goes in first.

Anthony: Okay, that makes sense. [crosstalk 01:10:08].

Anthony: So for those of you guys who are listening that don't have the video, Dr. Mercola has a tray here, with I don't know-

Dr. Mercola: 66 wells.

Anthony: 66 wells. And do you do a full capsule of the Thorne NiaCel in each one? In each suppository?

Dr. Mercola: Yes. The NiaCel ... NR it's either 250 or 300 right? It depends if it's NiaCel or the resveratrol; I think it's 250. You need 500 a day. Which is a good dose, I mean, it's still pricey. At that level, it's still $70 a month.

Anthony: But it's a lot less than doing the IVs-

Dr. Mercola: One IV will give you like almost a year's worth of this treatment.

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: Easy.

Dr. Mercola: So, if you want to go higher, you can do two capsules. I mean there's no danger as far as we know. And NR, is natural. It's not a synthetic molecule, no; it was discovered in milk. This is a natural molecule; totally natural. It is not some bizarre synthetic aberration, okay? I stay away from drugs; a lot of people are doing that metformin and even some knuckleheads are doing rapamycin.

Dr. Mercola: I mean, knuckleheads, but these are pretty smart people. But I strongly disagree with it.

Anthony: I was one of those knuckleheads. I tried it for a while.

Dr. Mercola: I mean, I was tempted but no, no I think you can achieve all the benefits of rapamycin and more using natural products.

Anthony: I didn't feel as good on rapamycin [inaudible 01:11:30].

Dr. Mercola: I was tempted, but I didn't do it.

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: And metformin is more common. So many people are using that. Even Sinclair is a knucklehead, someways, from that perspective.

Dr. Mercola: He's really smart in NAD and some of these pathways, but he doesn't get the big picture. He's not like you, or like, a lot of your viewers, I mean they're really understanding this at a broader level and integrating these comprehensive concepts. [crosstalk 01:11:54].

Dr. Mercola: It's not just NAD.

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: It's not just NAD.

Dr. Mercola: It's a bigger program. It's what you eat, what's your exercise, and all this sleeping and all those components.

Anthony: So, are you more in, in terms of getting the benefits of metformin are you more of a Berberine guy?

Dr. Mercola: Yeah, absolutely. For use, yeah. There's a lot of other AMPK-activators. One that I'm looking at is really intriguing and I just got turned on to it again, initially from Dave Asprey. But then again through Peter [inaudible 01:12:24] interview, recent interview. I think it was last week with a researcher down at University of Texas and who's been doing a lot of new research into Alzheimer's disease. It was fascinating, I read the literature. It is a massively great thing. Cheap as can be. Problem is, you know, and he said during their interview, you should only be using the USP grade, and literally, I spent hours and hours trying to find it; it's like impossible. They don't make it in the US anymore. It's not made!

Dr. Mercola: Some countries you can prescribe it, like for urinary tract disorders and stuff. It's been around for 130 years. Dirt cheap. You can buy it. It's like a dollar a gram. As a powder, it would probably last you years. You don't need that much, just maybe 50 milligrams per cell. But it's really intriguing. I use it topically. You know there was a paper published in Nature, last year. Last January, I think. It was the version that was free online. It was like 50, 60 pages ... and Nature's one of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world, and it couldn't say more glowing things about topical methylene blue to regenerate and improve the circulation of the skin. Unbelievable! It's like magic, this stuff. So we know it works topically, there's no question about that. I'm convinced by that, and I think ... it works for a lot of important components, primarily through redox regulation.

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: And I'm interested in trying it. Maybe activating autophagy and AMPK.

Anthony: You're going to like this. I've started using liposomal methylene blue IVs.

Dr. Mercola: I feel like, you don't need you to go liposomal?

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: I mean, methylene blue is water soluble. It's like ... it's absorbed instantly. It goes, it's not a problem absorbing with methylene blue. Nicotinamide riboside, is a potential problem.

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: Especially as the liver metabolizes. I don't think ... why are you doing it IV?

Anthony: Well, that was the form of administration. I coupled it, I did 10 pass of ozone with methylene blue mixed in during some of the passes; and then I finished with phosphate [crosstalk 01:14:26].

Anthony: I would have to ask. I did it at KB Holistics down in Miami. I felt fantastic afterwards. I've used it orally before, but I felt-

Dr. Mercola: I'd be just be really careful. Methylene blue is available as an IV administration; and it's probably what they gave you. And that is as pricey as it can be; I mean, I just was checking my insurance company ... it was like thousands of dollars for this IV therapy. You can get an IV, because it's used for treatment for methemoglobinemia, I believe. I forget what clinical condition causes it, but it has a valid clinical use and they do make [inaudible 01:15:02] IV but it's not a high enough concentration to take it orally, so maybe that's what they gave you.

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: Because that's the only way I can find USP grade. And you know what, I'm actually sending a sample off today or tomorrow to a lab to measure for heavy metal contaminants from the lab grade stuff. Just to see before I swallow the stuff like arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead.

Anthony: It's good thinking-

Dr. Mercola: Yeah. I got the connections, so I can easily do it. So I'm just going to find out. Send them a bottle; hey, tell me what's in there.

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: And if it is, I can let people know. They can just get this stuff, they don't have to worry about it. Because USP grade is like impossible to find.

Anthony: Yeah. I would love to hear what you find with the lab tests. I would get some of that.

Anthony: So, before we move into the rapid fire round, you had shared something in an interview that I had listened to, that really touched me, about losing your mother and some of the personal growth that you went through.

Anthony: I think a lot of us can relate to losing someone we love. I think I mentioned to you, you know my dad's been fighting Parkinson's and and doing well, but that whole situation has brought to the forefront the temporary nature of this life existence.

Anthony: What was it that ... what were some of the ways that you evolved as a human being to help move through that and because I know that's not heard-

Dr. Mercola: [inaudible 01:16:27], evolved into an entire level or anything, but with respect to your dad, if you want an answer to your question, William Veech, is probably one of the top researchers in the world on ketones; his assistant is William Curtis ... Veech, he's a somewhat old researcher, so he's a cantankerous old guy, probably been cantankerous his whole life, but William Curtis has Parkinson's. That's why he connected with it first, because he actually does the ketones esters. I don't know if your dad's doing that, but if he has a problem, you could see quite dramatic improvement with ketone esters.

Anthony: I'll get him on that. He has-

Dr. Mercola: And definitely increasing NAD. There's no question. NAD is a massive thing. There's a lot of other details that can be done for that, because you know, limiting cell phone exposure, wireless radiation exposure, those are key things for dad because you, depending on how far advanced he is, you can really preserve that function, can reverse it to a certain extent, and I'm pretty convinced-

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: ... Because neurodegenerative disease is reversible.

Anthony: I believe so.

Dr. Mercola: And photobiomodulation.

Anthony: Yeah. He does so much better when he comes down to Florida and we're on the beach and he's getting-

Dr. Mercola: He's back in Chicago? So you can still do PBM, like near infrared lights, lasers, a lot of things you can do. He might need the Vie-light-

Anthony: Vie-light?

Dr. Mercola: But it's the one with the helmet.

Anthony: Yeah. I've used that with him. When we were up on our family vacation and I noticed within three minutes he was asleep.

Dr. Mercola: He probably needed it.

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: That's therapy for your dad. And anyone else that has neurodegenerative diseases. Alzheimer's being the most common, Parkinson's, number two. And then you've got things like ALS, which are pretty catastrophic-

Anthony: So you believe these neurodegenerative diseases are reversible?

Dr. Mercola: I absolutely do.

Dr. Mercola: Dale Bredesen, who is probably one of the most well respected Alzheimer's researchers, I've interviewed him, before he wrote the book, The End of Alzheimer's, has case reports to prove it and he's got the Bredesen protocol, which addresses like 38 variables that are dysfunctional; so yeah it's definitely ... and Bredesen is really, really good. But there's a lot of fine tuning that he's not going into and he's open to it, but it's just, I just never really ... close relationship with a dialogue about that.

Anthony: Yeah.

Anthony: Tell us a little bit about this next project.

Dr. Mercola: Well, I didn't answer our question.

Dr. Mercola: So, with respect to when my mom passed away, is probably, I just never loved anyone in my life, as much as my mom. I think it's true for the most of us. I mean, one parent. Either your mother or your father. For me, it was my mother. My dad was an Italian, so he ... got the Italian-

Anthony: Yeah. Mine too.

Dr. Mercola: ... Component to it. We just never, I never really ... and he passed away less than a year ago, but it wasn't hard letting him go, like letting my mom go. And we kind of knew he was going. He almost reached 90, he was just a few months short of it and he would have died much earlier; he had thalassemia, like I do, which is a hereditary anemia that essentially dumps iron into your body which causes your ... massive oxidative stress. In his case, he caught something called Bronze Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes from pancreatic oxidation of his beta cells.

Dr. Mercola: He had a fair [inaudible 01:19:47] level of like 900. I was able to find and identify strategies to lower through massive blood donations and got it down to reasonable levels. He struggled with diabetes and his doctors had him on insulin, which I disagreed with, but you know, it's like this quasi, it wasn't traditional type 2 because he was normal body weight. So, and I'm sure it's accelerated his death, but he probably had another 20 years.

Dr. Mercola: When my mom died unexpectedly. She was a smoker. Caught COPD and required oxygen but she, other than that, she appeared pretty good. She was a bit frail; required a walker, but she died unexpectedly and I really loved her to pieces and it was so sad to see her go and not have the opportunity to say goodbye. I think the downside of having a chronic disease like cancer or even dementia, at least you're with your them, and you know you can prepare for it. But this was very sudden. So I had a really tough time with it and struggled quite a lot and was in grief for ... I mean, grief is normal. It's normal to go through that. I wasn't getting better. And EFT is magic. Emotional Freedom Technique-

Anthony: That's the tapping?

Dr. Mercola: The tapping. I've helped popularize that. Nothing less than a miracle in my practice but didn't seem to work for me; it doesn't mean it works for everyone, it didn't work for me.

Anthony: In this case-

Dr. Mercola: In this case. I didn't really seek it. I just didn't think it would work. But then I remembered Ben Riegal talked about this book, David Hawkins, who is an unbelievable MD, PHD, who passed. And this is his last book, called Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender. And an enormously simple technique, much simpler than EFT, that you can learn, just reading a book. Doesn't require you to see a therapist or anything. It's just a matter of understanding the process of being with that feeling and knowing there's pain there and it's okay; just being with it and just embracing that and letting it and just and ultimately, it just let's go.

Dr. Mercola: And it's pathway to surrender into it. It's just a magnificent book; one of the best books I've ever read and I should read it again because it's just universally apropos.

Dr. Mercola: He's written a lot of great books. Like Power vs Force, got a bunch of them here actually, but that was one of his best ones, Letting Go: Pathway to Surrender. And one of my biggest disappointments, was, there are a number of people that I enormously regret never having the opportunity to have met; he is one of them. The other was Robert Heinlein; not Robert Heinlein, he's a scientist. This is an author, Robert Mendelssohn; who is a University of Illinois professor of Pediatrics in Chicago, University of Illinois! He was this staunch anti-vaxxer ... one of the first anti-vaxx doctors.

Dr. Mercola: When he went ... when I was in Chicago, but I literally went to school, like miles, I went to Circle Campus, and he was at the U of I, Medical Campus. I thought to myself, he's just a quack on steroids, how could he ever think about recommending not someone get vaccines. I thought he was a disgrace to the profession. Then literally, maybe six, seven eight years after he died, I kind of had the epiphany that he was right all along. So, he took a lot of arrows in the back.

Anthony: What gave you that epiphany?

Dr. Mercola: This patient. We were taught in medical school to listen to your patients, but very few doctors do. Very few doctors do; for a lot of good reasons. You know, they have bills to pay, they got a 15 minute window. You can't list ... it just doesn't allow it! Unless you step out of the box. You can make it ... like, I fired 75 percent of my patients, because they said, listen, I'm not going to prescribe drugs and if you're not on board, you're out of here. 75 percent of people left.

Dr. Mercola: Then I wound up having a very successful practice; people coming to see me first from all over the place locally, then nationally and internationally. Because word of mouth spread, because you're doing what you're loving and your passionate and it works. But one of my patients was a mom, who was patiently sharing with me her experiences with her son and you know how vaccines are a problem when I finally agreed to listen to her readings and said wow, you're right.

Dr. Mercola: I started really reviewing the information on it. And If you're objective and not barred biased ... it's hard to come to any other conclusion, and you're rationale and you can think and your brain works. I mean, the evidence is pretty clear, but that's ... most people don't do that due diligence and effort to do the research and can't carefully evaluate. They just rely on the public health authorities and the conventional media, that really are totally pharma scams.

Dr. Mercola: If you think about it, the revolving door. I mean, we had the Head of the CDC, the governmental regulatory industry, responsible for making recommendations for vaccines. The Head of the CDC! She quits the CDC and then goes to be Vice-President of the vaccine division of MERCK. The biggest, manufacturer of vaccines-

Anthony: Of MERCK?

Dr. Mercola: Yeah, MERCK. So, it's sad.

Dr. Mercola: Anyway, that's part of the reason I came to the conclusion about vaccines were not necessarily what you think they are.

Anthony: Okay.

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Anthony: And, we're back with Dr. Mercola for the rapid fire round.

Anthony: All right! Get ready. I'm excited to hear some of these answers.

Anthony: This one is going to ease us into the rapid fire round.

Anthony: For someone who knows of the pernicious dangers of EMFs and 5G, and is looking for a way to impact how this all unfolds, what can we do? What can people listening do?

Dr. Mercola: Well I think the first and most important step is to do whatever it takes to become convinced that it's true. Because you can know it intellectually, but if you don't have the appreciation and intellectual understanding, and believe that this is damaging just like cigarette smoke is, just like exposure to ionizing radiation is, and there's no controversy on those. When in your mind, if you believe that those are true, then you'll take action. So you got to come ... and I, I was guilty of this. I mean I knew it intellectually, but I didn't understand it and thankfully, you know, the excuse was, I wasn't exposed to Pall's work because I'm a science guy right? So I need the science to understand it. But the science exists and I'm going deep in my book, with all nice illustrations and everything to understand it. The whole model of molecular events that occur. So come to that, and then once you have that appreciation, the first steps we already discussed. Do not have your cell phone on, or preferably anyone in your house on, unless it's in airplane mode. Certainly, not on your body.

Dr. Mercola: That is so crucial. Some of us held inflated idea of our self-importance. We need to be available, everywhere, all the time. That's just not true. Yes, there are times, when you have a sick child, or something, there's no question you have to have that ... Thank God we have that availability. But you get a pager or something. There's something where you can connect it. So, you know, you just don't want to have that thing out 24/7. Getting switched over to wifi as soon as possible. Those are the two most important steps.

Anthony: At the legislation side, is there anything we can do to impact having satellites everywhere?

Dr. Mercola: No. No, I don't think we are going to have any impact at all. You probably have a better chance of making people see the light about vaccines than that. And I don't necessarily think that we need to; what needs to occur through legislation, you can't go backwards, is that there can be shifts and changes in the technology to make it safer. Like even on cell phones; there ways you can demodulate the signal ... I'm not familiar; I'm not an electronics wizard to understand what can be done, but I do know that they can be modified. But there's no R&D going into this, how to make it biologically safe, because they don't believe it's biologically unsafe.

Dr. Mercola: So why would they? Because they are using an updated mechanism, and it's not valid for assessing the safety of the device.

Anthony: Yeah. For someone listening who is willing to suspend disbelief and do their own investigation on the topic of vaccines, where is the one place you would have them start?

Dr. Mercola: That's a great question.

Dr. Mercola: Well, NVIC and Barbara Loe Fisher is probably the best place. Especially if you've accepted it. It's a great support group because they have a portal. The different states, they can actually be an activist and go in there and actually make a difference in preserving some of the freedoms that we do have remaining and not making mandatory compulsory vaccinations for everyone.

Dr. Mercola: Dr. Suzanne Humphries wrote a book and the name escapes me at this point, but I think it's Dissolving Illusions? Which is really good. It goes into the historical components, because some of the classic examples almost universally that are applied, to justify the safety of vaccines, is what it did for small pox, or polio. So she decimates those things. Absolutely, literally breaks them apart. It's just beautiful so how she does it. It's just magnificent. So I would, that's a definite must. I think it's Dissolving Illusions.

Anthony: All right, we'll link to it in the show notes.

Dr. Mercola: But it's Suzanne Humphries.

Anthony: Nice, thank you.

Anthony: What's Dr. Mercola's definition of healthy?

Dr. Mercola: Oh gosh. That could be ... I need to reflect on that. [crosstalk 01:30:39], to prevent myself saying something that I regret next week.

Dr. Mercola: It depends on what you're ... it depends on how you want to characterize that. There's so many different ways you could approach that. Let's skip that.

Anthony: Throw it out!

Anthony: What's one product you can't live without and I would say besides the phone or computer but I know you probably do all right without that-

Dr. Mercola: Not a supplement but a product?

Anthony: Any product that you can't live without, besides your computer?

Dr. Mercola: Or the internet? I think would be the more ... how you access it, is another thing-

Anthony: But yes-

Dr. Mercola: Internet for sure. This is probably the greatest development of mankind; is the internet.

Anthony: Yeah.

Anthony: You got a pretty fancy sauna space out there?

Dr. Mercola: Yeah. But I would probably ... I'd say, healthy food would be the key thing. I've got an acre, a piece of land, next door to me that I'm growing a lot of healthy food and growing some hemp too. But I've got a lot of good mangoes, even this far north, I've got mangoes, I've got thousands of mango plants going. So, healthy food would be one.

Dr. Mercola: With respect to supplements, there's so many. But I really love NR. Every time I recommend nicotinamide riboside, I really think, getting those NAD levels up is really crucial for health. And then, ketone esters are pretty cool, but I don't use them because they are expensive as hell. And certainly not biological.

Anthony: They are a lot. $6000 a bottle, which is what they used to be.

Dr. Mercola: Now they are only $300 a bottle.

Anthony: Yup.

Anthony: What blood test, or labs do you recommend most often?

Dr. Mercola: This is a good question. This one, I give you a precise answer. I'm pretty confident, it's true. The number one thing is vitamin D. Now you live in Florida and I don't know what your vitamin D level is-

Anthony: Usually between 50 and 70.

Dr. Mercola: Okay, that's where it should be.

Dr. Mercola: Once you go below 50, you start getting into potential dangerous territory, because above that, you're probably okay. But I like between 60 to 80, and I'm usually there. I live farther North than you. Not much, but by a little bit, a few hours.

Dr. Mercola: Just, I get it with sunshine. But that's ... so the vitamin D test is the one that you want to get the answers. There's 25-hydroxy D and it should be between 60 and 80. The second one, and it's really a sleeper, is ferritin. Measure the iron level in your body. I used to think it was ... the acceptable levels were higher. The average person watching this, unless you're menstruating woman and have heavy flow, you're probably maybe too low. There's two groups of people who don't need to worry about this necessarily; one is children and the other is menstruating women. But if you're an adult male, or you're a post-menopausal woman, you got a potential problem. Most invariably have a problem. You will have a ferritin level well over 100.

Dr. Mercola: You know, the human species was not designed to last much longer than after procreation fails. There's no need to as a species, right? So we don't really care if we get cancer or heart disease at 60 or 70, but if you're concerned about that and you want to live to be healthy and beyond 100, and avoid neurodegenerative diseases, you want to keep your iron levels low. Iron is such a big issue because it combines with hydrogen peroxide and through the Fenton reaction, forms IN drops of your free radicals, which are really perniciously damaging.

Dr. Mercola: It causes a lot of oxidative stress, especially in the mitochondria. You know, that's not good. It will interfere with your energy generation. So that's why you want to keep it low and increases your risk of heart disease and cancer, so I like it ... to keep it about 30 or 40. There's no supplement to lower it; the best way to do is just get your blood donated. There's some people, there's about maybe half the people watching this, that can't do that because for whatever reason they have had a previous infection or they just can't. So then you can give [inaudible 01:34:39], or you can learn how to draw your own blood. Just take a few ounces out every month, until it gets down low enough.

Dr. Mercola: That's actually better than donating blood but interesting, that studies show that people who donate blood two or three times a year, they live significantly longer than those who don't. They do it [inaudible 01:34:53], but that's one of the reasons why ... I was confused in this initially, one of the reasons why women, post-menopausal women, tend to have less heart disease than men, because they have lower iron when they're menstruating. But that tends to be pre-menopausal when it goes, post-

Anthony: Post-menopausal?

Dr. Mercola: ... It changes. I thought that was due to the hormone and I got ... my initial story, when I graduated medical school, I was a paid speaker for the drug companies. It was on hormone replacement therapy and boy was I wrong. I was wrong about steroids and I quit that after I was flying all over the country lecturing doctors about this. I stopped that, but that was one of my big things; was hormone replacement therapy. But it turns out there was a study published in early 2000s, Women's Health Initiative, that proved definitively how dangerous it was, especially synthetic progesterone. So, I was promoting a ... I'm not opposed to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. But the synthetic ones are pretty darn damaging.

Anthony: Right. Blast through rapid fire questions.

Anthony: Deuterium depleted water or hydrogen molecular hydrogen water?

Dr. Mercola: There's no comparison. It's molecular hydrogen. That is probably another one, it may be higher than NAD, NR.

Dr. Mercola: I probably ... I forgot about the molecular hydrogen but it's just part of my life you know? I just yeah, I think that is the bomb. We didn't talk about it, but we don't sell it yet, because we're taking a year-and-a-half to create a grass supplement that we recognize as safe. That has a formal certification because we don't sell non grass on our site . So it's going to be probably the same as the other stuff but we didn't, it wasn't certified, so they go through the process. We're going to sell it at some point, real soon, probably in the next few months. It has formally in the FDA, governmental agencies, we are doing that. But it is ... one of my good friends is Tyler LeBaron. I'm sure you know him and I've kind of helped promote him and he is-

Anthony: He's a sharp guy.

Dr. Mercola: He's one of the sharpest, most intelligent guys I know. We just have the greatest ... I mean, I'll drive down south Florida with him, for over three hours or just like the best-

Anthony: [crosstalk 01:36:54] you guys got to come hang out!

Dr. Mercola: It was unbelievable. He is so magnificent.

Dr. Mercola: He's like one of the fittest guys I know. I don't know if you know that about him. But he's this guy, like 30 years old, that can deadlift like 450 pounds and run a 230 marathon. How many people on the planet can do that?

Anthony: Right.

Dr. Mercola: He's probably ... The fittest guys I know. All around fitness, not just like deadlift 500 [crosstalk 01:37:19] or 1000 pounds, like some people. [crosstalk 01:37:22].

Anthony: Can't run up a flight of stairs?

Dr. Mercola: Yeah.

Anthony: Nice.

Dr. Mercola: So anyway, molecular hydrogen ... and I have a bunch of DDW, deuterium depleted water, but I've used it, and I had the test done by Dr. [inaudible 01:37:35], I forget what it stands for but they're the only company that does it. My levels were actually relatively high and I'm not sure why that is. It's interesting. Dominic D'Agostino is a big fan of it I know, and I suspect there is some merit. I'm not convinced yet. I could be just delusional and stupid, but you know, I just think there's like no comparison. I mean molecular hydrogen is a must.

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: And you don't want to be drinking molecular hydrogen all day long. You want to pulse. Boom, boom! That's when you get ... kind of like pulsing with the protein and mTOR activation. If you take it continuously all the time, it doesn't work. You just have to hit it, in these little cycles. It picks up and it's a hormetic response; it probably increases telomeres, or at least decreases telomere attrition. It activates the Nrf2 pathways, it increases ... it inhibits NOX, which is nitrogen oxide, and NADPH oxidase, which you know lowers the NADPH levels, so if inhibits it and raises NADPH levels, which is a very good thing. It's just, that thing is like close to magic. Most people ... your dad should be on it too.

Anthony: He is. We got him the Trusii machine for the case study-

Dr. Mercola: Yeah. That's the problem, if you have the machine, you're taking it continuously.

Anthony: Right.

Dr. Mercola: That's not the best way to take it.

Anthony: Tablets?

Dr. Mercola: Tablets would be better. I'm pretty convinced of that. Maybe three tablets a day. Pulse and boom! Because you need high doses. The water is only going to be, I think it's like one or two parts per million, but the tablets will go up to nine.

Anthony: Yeah.

Dr. Mercola: So you get a much higher concentration. Do two tablets, you keep it higher. But your body likes a lot of it, short frame, and then let that do its work. For three or five hours and then just do it again and again.

Anthony: Awesome. We will link to the tablets and the Trusii machine and then you'll let us know when your- [crosstalk 01:39:25].

Dr. Mercola: ... They gave me a Trusii machine, and I gave to my girlfriend.

Anthony: Yeah? She probably gets the best hand me downs.

Dr. Mercola: She gets some pretty good ones. But she tries being not [inaudible 01:39:34], because we have very rigid criteria as to who is promoted on our site, and she doesn't, so she was able to promote it. But actually, it's special. But I wouldn't use it. There's no way I was going to use it.

Anthony: Because it wasn't-

Dr. Mercola: Because it wasn't pulsed. Right.

Anthony: Okay.

Dr. Mercola: And it's a low concentration.

Anthony: I mean, I imagine you could probably get it in a large amount and chug it and then have that-

Dr. Mercola: But then you'd be drinking all that water.

Anthony: Yeah, that's a lot of water.

Dr. Mercola: It was just on Physiologics, so I just rather just doing it with the pulsing.

Anthony: Last rapid fire question. How do you get motivated and stay motivated?

Dr. Mercola: Good question! That's a good one. I won't take a pass on that one.

Dr. Mercola: I think it all boils down to having a purpose. Really being motivated, knowing what your gifts are and I feel very privileged to have the position of I do in life, and to have his platform. To have created a business entity that allows me to essentially do things that I'm passionate about, and to delegate almost everything else that I'm not passionate about. I don't have to do almost anything that doesn't really ... is not one of my unique abilities, which is essentially being able to connect to some really bright people and read the literature and compile this in a way that can serve people. Help them understand how to stay healthy and from a selfish perspective, it's for myself too, like, I'm writing this longevity book; how to keep me healthy into, at least for the next 30 years or so. So that I can access some of the technology that's coming and there's some really exciting things you may not be aware of, like the epigenetic clock, DNA methylation-

Anthony: The Horvath clock?

Dr. Mercola: The Horvath clock. Yeah.

Anthony: I've done that as part of measuring my biological-

Dr. Mercola: Okay, I've not done that yet, but I think those Yamanaka factors ... I've had this discussion with Bill Andrews, who is probably the king of telomeres. You know what Bill Andrews? And he believes it's probably is related to telomeres. Which is interesting. It's sort of a tangent.

Dr. Mercola: So, I want us to live, selfishly have that knowledge so I can apply it so I can do these things have not yet been discovered and successfully gone through trials to know how to actually reset that biological clock. Which I think is possible. I think those studies have proven it; that you can. That you get back to the potent cells. So, will we do in my life? Maybe. maybe not. But if you don't live to 100, you won't find out, right?

Dr. Mercola: One of the things my parents taught me, is to not be frail. It was very sad to see them lose their mobility and provide walkers as they aged. It was really sad. I lived in Florida, they lived in Chicago and they would never come down because they were frail and just didn't want to go through the challenge.

Anthony: And you knew it would help?

Dr. Mercola: I'm sorry?

Anthony: And you knew it would help, coming down, spend some time?

Dr. Mercola: Well, just to visit, just to see. Being here, the cold winter. Last week when Chicago was 20 below without the chill factor, 20 below. There was a 70 degree difference between ... probably 80 degrees where we were at.

Dr. Mercola: But anyway, that's just it. Being motivated and yeah I'm just excited, because every day I mean, I just don't know what's going to unfold. All this new exciting information I'm going to learn, because I'm a lifelong learner. I have the opportunity to do it and to help people, as a side effect of that.

Anthony: Well, Dr. Mercola, and on behalf of all the listeners, and myself, you've been an inspiration and a mentor for me, long before we ever communicated and I very much appreciate the work you're doing and you've created a path for many of us to follow.

Dr. Mercola: Yeah. [crosstalk 01:43:27], it's important. I need people bringing up the rear because I'm not going to be around here forever. That's for darn sure, even if I live to be over 100, 150 or 180 as Dave Asprey said, someones got to bring up the rear and it's so good to see people like you've embraced this information and are, you know, pushing the limits and teaching it to other people because that's what we need. Really, we do need that.

Anthony: Thank you. Appreciate it. And for people who want to stay up-to-date on ... people that want to pick up Keto Fast, your EMF book, your book on-

Dr. Mercola: It's all on that really obscure website called

Anthony: Amazon?

Dr. Mercola: It works. Or, subscribe to our newsletters, we have a for free daily newsletter that comes in. They'll be some special offers when Keto Fast comes out and maybe I'll be giving, I don't know what it is, not discounts on the book, but other additional resources, materials for-

Anthony: Subscribe at

Dr. Mercola: It comes up real easy.

Dr. Mercola: It's a good resource. It's a lot of good information. We've got an amazing team that puts together the content. That finds it and writes it and I edit it-

Anthony: You guys do a great job and you include resources you're now fact-checking articles with other established resources-

Dr. Mercola: Our attempt to get by pass the Google penalty, I don't know if it will work but.

Anthony: Well, this is beautiful. Guys, signing off. This is Anthony DiClementi. Biohacking Secrets and Dr. Joseph Mercola. Reminding you, don't treat the symptoms, find the root cause and you too can have superhuman health. Talk to you guys soon in another episode.

In this podcast, I sit down with Dr. Joseph Mercola, whose passion is to transform the traditional medical paradigm in the United States. Topics discussed include the dangers of WiFi, NAD+, molecular hydrogen, and ways to heal from degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

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