Why Is Meditation Important, How To Focus Better, And Uncommon Ways To Improve Mental Performance with Seth Knapp

Seth Knapp is a serial entrepreneur, performance coach, blogger and speaker whose companies have been featured in: Entrepreneur (magazine), The Next Web, The Wall Street Journal, Fashionista, Bustle, and many more.

Knapp approaches his own work and advises others on growth strategy by finding innovation and opportunities through the ‘fail fast’ methodology. He is also a specialist in the field of Consciousness Hacking and the mastermind behind the Consciousness Biohacking Retreat.

In this episode of The Biohacking Secrets Show podcast, Seth and I discuss:

  • Why is meditation important?
  • Ways to integrate meditation into your daily routine without needing to set time aside to sit for 30 minutes in the lotus position
  • An uncommon biohack using music to quiet internal dialogue and increase awareness and focus better
  • His favorite, little known ways to improve mental performance and mindfulness.

We even discuss various substances he recommends and has experimented with – some legal, some not – for upgrading the mind and overall consciousness.

Enjoy! Please share your reactions, thoughts, or questions in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


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