23 Pro Football Teams, Sting, and Clint Eastwood Use This New Technology

As you may know, I’m a big fan of regular exercise. I truly believe it’s the ultimate anti-aging medicine! Nothing else comes close to helping you combat the natural decline that comes with getting older.

For starters, there’s tons of proof that exercise helps you build stronger bones. It keeps your joints supple and more flexible, so it actually lessens arthritis and back pain. And of course, it helps you burn off flab and lose weight. Exercise also prevents many deadly health conditions and diseases. According to the Mayo Clinic [1], regular exercise boosts HDL “good” cholesterol and decreases unhealthy triglycerides. This cuts your risk of heart disease. Exercise also helps you prevent or manage diabetes, and protects against stroke and certain types of cancer. That’s why I’m so excited about the new breakthrough technology that eliminates ALL of these barriers to regular exercise. It’s safe and easy to use, and you can do it in the comfort of home.

What’s more, it requires as little as 15 minutes a day, three times a week to give you dramatic results. And there are more than 30 years of practical use and its least 180 scientific studies to support its effectiveness.

I have to admit, When I first heard of this new machine, I was skeptical. After all, the exercises themselves are simple and require little sweating and straining. In fact, some are so easy, you can do them while seated in a chair! So I wondered, how good of a workout could it really be?

Then I found out at least 23 pro football teams, 15 NBA teams, 23 major league baseball teams, and 8 NHL teams are using this new technology.

In fact, the Seattle Seahawks – 2013 pro football champions – use this machine as part of their strength and conditioning programs to build speed and power on the field.

But that’s not all. NASA in Houston, Texas, U.S. Olympic trainers, college and professional sports teams, the Mayo Clinic and other world-class hospitals, rehabilitation and assisted-living facilities, and medical spas all use it, too. Even Hollywood stars like Clint Eastwood and Courteney Cox and popular musicians like Roberta Flack and Sting are using this machine to stay fit on the road and at home.

But this machine isn’t just for professional athletes or celebrities. In fact, I have one in my home and use it regularly. So what is this amazing machine? It’s called the Power Plate. Anyone who has trouble exercising for any reason can use the Power Plate and see dramatic results fast. That’s because…

You get stronger, leaner and more flexible, while the Power Plate does most of the work!

Picture a machine with a platform you can stand on and handles you can hold onto. The Power Plate is similar to a treadmill in height, but less than one-third the length of one, so it doesn’t take up much space.

But more importantly, unlike a treadmill, the Power Plate does most of the work. That’s because you stand on it or sit on next to it and performs easy movements. Or you can simply stand there and do nothing. As the machine gently vibrates you, it gives you incredible results of an intense physical workout in a fraction of the time.

But it doesn’t just vibrate you. The machine produces waves of energy that stimulates your body’s natural response to vibration. These waves of energy cause your muscles to rapidly contract. Just standing on the machine can cause your body’s postural muscles to contract anywhere from 25 to 50 times a second.

By causing your muscles to rapidly contract, the Power Plate increases muscle strength and flexibility. It improves bone density and range of motion. It also boosts circulation, promotes faster recovery, and reduces cellulite, pain and soreness. It gets you fit and firm in as little as 15 minutes a day, three times a week!

Best of all, the Power Plate can produce these dramatic results in as little as 15 minutes a day, three times a week… Less than an hour!

How can you get such great results in so little time? Because with each vibration, the Power Plate causes your body to perform reflexive muscle actions, multiple times per second.

These actions engage about 96 percent of your muscle fibers at once. Compare that to lifting weights or other exercises, which use as little as 20 percent of your muscles fibers. Meanwhile, there’s so little straining you barely feel it in your muscles while you’re using the machine.

In fact, the Power Plate contracts your muscles so they work in multiple directions in all three planes, just as the human body is naturally designed to do. So the net result is an incredible improvement in strength, balance, flexibility, and more—with NO strenuous exercise required! That’s why I believe this machine provides the ideal exercise for many of us as we age.

Me enjoying a workout on the Power Plate in my garage ^^

Proven to melt away twice as much belly fat as vigorous workouts

One of the downsides of getting older is many of us start to get a little thicker usually around our middles. Even if you’re not overweight, you can still develop a “pot belly” if you don’t get regular exercise. And it’s more dangerous than you may think.

This type of fat tissue that develops in your abdomen, called visceral fat, is linked to metabolic syndrome and may increase insulin resistance. It also makes you more prone to blood pressure, cholesterol, and other heart concerns. It’s probably the worst type of fat to have on your body!

You may have tried exercising to get rid of this belly flab without success. Here’s where the Power Plate can work wonders. One study of Power Plate users [2] found they were able to lose twice as much belly flab within six months compared to people did cardiovascular exercise combined with weight training.

What’s more, the Power Plate users kept the belly flab off over the following 12 months, whereas the people who did vigorous exercise didn’t. Sounds good, right? It gets even better: another study [3] found this type of exercise reduces the appearance of cellulite!

How does this Power Plate do all this? One study [4] found that by using Power Plate only two to three times a week, subjects were able to enhance collagen remodeling, improve circulation, increase lean tissue and help lose fat – eliminating unwanted cellulite in as little as 8-13 minutes per session.

Now here’s another way the Power Plate can help you get your youthful body back – by making your arm, leg, core, and other muscles firmer and stronger…

Outperforms strength training in head-to-head tests!

Many of us have weaker muscles as we age. But muscle weakness doesn’t just keep you from opening jars or carrying bags as easily.

It can take away your ability to live independently. It can make your walking less steady so you’re more likely to fall. And it can make you suffer a broken hip or other bone- because if you slip you’re less able to break the fall.

Research shows the Power Plate can improve muscle strength and balance, and make you less likely to fall. One study [5] looked at older adults who might not be able to do conventional exercise programs. The researchers had one group use the Power Plate while another group used regular strength training.

They then compared each group’s ability to perform activities of daily living, such as standing up from a chair, climbing stairs, and maintaining balance. While both groups performed better, the Power Plate group scored a 50% better improvement than the group who did conventional strength training. That’s pretty amazing!

On top of that, the Power Plate group improved their speed of movement, while the other group had no improvement. The speed of your reaction is crucial in preventing a fall.

In another study [6], researchers recruited 710 women aged 60 or older. Half of the women used the vibration technology for 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 18 months. The other half did not. The results?

The women who used vibration technology reported 35% fewer falls and 52% fewer fractures! And it gets even better.

The researchers then tested 50 of the women who used the vibration technology one year later.

Even after stopping using the vibration technology for a full year, their muscle performance remained significantly better than the control group.

Builds denser bones, improves circulation, and makes your entire body grow younger!

As I mentioned before, the Power Plate vibrates your body so it engages the majority of your muscle fibers at once. But these vibrations also impact your bones. Each tiny vibration gently torques your bones, stimulating your bone-building cells (osteoblasts) to lay down new bone. It also makes your bones more flexible.

So I’m not surprised there are multiple studies that show the Power Plate can help rebuild bone density. In one study [7], women who used vibration training increased their hip bone density by a remarkable 1.5%. They also improved their posture, balance, muscle strength, and lean mass.

The women in the study who performed conventional weight-bearing exercise instead only slowed bone loss…they didn’t reverse it. Most other types of exercise won’t, either. But these vibrations can do even more to make your entire body grow younger.

For one, they can also improve your circulation, which is great for your heart, skin, and joint tissue. Plus these vibrations actually stimulate your body to increase its production of rejuvenating and anti-aging hormones. This includes testosterone and growth hormone.

They also decrease the stress hormone cortisol, which in excessive amounts accelerate bone loss and ages you. At the same time, the vibrations boost brain hormones and neurotransmitter production. This can lead to a better mood, attitude, memory, and overall sense of well-being. But that’s not the only thing makes the Power Plate unique…

Makes you more flexible in just 30 seconds

Many of us notice our joints and back feel stiff when we wake up in the morning and often stay that way. We’re just not as flexible as we used to be! This can aggravate arthritis, back pain, and other joint problems, and keep you from staying active.

Fortunately, the Power Plate can help you there, too. In fact, it can make you more flexible in as little as one minute! Here’s an example…

Prove it to yourself with this simple test. Simply stand in front of the Power Plate on the floor and bend forward at the waist. Notice how far you can reach your toes. Then put your right foot on top of the Power Plate base and lunge forward. Hold this position for 30 seconds while the plate vibrates.

Then do the same with your left foot for 30 seconds. Now bend forward at your waist again. You should notice you’re reaching your toes much further than you did the first time! I was amazed the first time I personally experienced this, and you will be too.

It even massages you!

Thanks to its vibration technology, the Power Plate is an excellent massager. You can sit on the floor and lean your back against its vibrating base, and enjoy a soothing upper back massage.

Feel tight in your shoulder? Kneel in front of the machine and lean forward with one of your arms stretched across the plate. Or you can place your legs, hip, or arms on the plate. You’ll not only get a great massage, but you’ll also enjoy greater flexibility and range of motion in just minutes!

Now you can enjoy all of these benefits in the comfort of your own home

I hope you can see how the Power Plate makes it easy to enjoy the tremendous health benefits of regular exercise. It gives your entire body a complete workout: your arms, legs, abdomen, hips, chest, shoulders, and back included. At the same time, you’re building stronger bones, making your joints more flexible, and stimulating the production of anti-aging hormones.

You don’t have to spend hours each week, either. Just a total of 15 mins a day, three times a week is all you need for optimum results. Nor do you need to bother with costly gym memberships that can run upwards of $80 a month or more.

In fact, now you don’t even have to leave home. That’s because the makers of the Power Plate have an in-home model called the Power Plate®my7™. And they’ve made it much more affordable, so you don’t have to be a professional athlete or celebrity to enjoy this machine’s dramatic benefits.

Regain the toned muscles, trim waistline, sturdy bones, and flexible joints you enjoyed years ago!

The company that makes the Power Plate was the first to come out with this pioneering technology – and the original machines cost over $15,000. Some of the bigger, pricier models used in gyms or by sports teams still come close to that price tag.

But thanks to the company’s experience with this technology, they’ve been able to create a high-quality, in-home model for personal use that costs much less. Yet you can do many of the same exercises on this machine and enjoy the same health and fitness benefits as the bigger, costlier machines. For example…

  • You’ll get instant relief for stiff, aching joints and back pain. Exercise keeps your joints from becoming even more painful and stiff. And the Power Plate goes one better: It can make you instantly more flexible and improve your range of motion. What’s more, you can use it as a massager to soothe your aching back, shoulders, and other joints.
  • You’ll stimulate the production of anti-aging hormones. The Power Plate’s vibrations help your body produce more of the rejuvenating hormones we tend to become deficient in as we age. This not only included testosterone and growth hormone, but also brain hormones that control memory. It also lowers the stress hormone cortisol.
  • You’ll boost your energy and mood. With less cortisol flooding your body, you’ll have more “get-up-and-go” so you can get back to doing the things you love. And there’s nothing like a good workout to help you blow off stress and put you in a good mood!
  • You’ll put the sizzle back in your sex life. Research shows women who exercise enjoy enhanced sexual arousal. And men who workout are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Plus you’ll feel more energized and confident in the bedroom.
  • You’ll enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep. Getting regular exercise can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. Plus you’ll have less joint pain too keep you awake.

        And perhaps most important…

  • You’ll be taking steps to prevent the most common and potentially deadly health conditions and diseases—like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even cancer!

Think about what a dramatic difference the Power Plate can make in your life. Imagine being able to get up from a chair with little or no effort…take a hike in the woods without worrying about falling…give “horsey back” or “airplane” rides again to your grandchildren… or take that dream vacation—even if it involves riding a bike or climbing long flights of steps.

All of this is possible and more. There’s nothing that can hold you back when you regain three toned muscles, trim waistline, sturdy bones, and flexible joints you enjoyed ten, twenty, even thirty years ago!

And now, thanks to the Power Plate® my7™, you can now enjoy a safe, easy way to reap these health-boosting benefits right in your own home.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost $15,000. It doesn’t even cost $10,000. Power Plate® my7™ regularly costs just $7,995, including the $425 charge for shipping the machine and setting it up in your home. That’s about one-third of the cost of the bigger models.

But I’ve arranged for you to get an even better deal…

Over $1200 in special savings and free gifts

For a limited time, you can get your own Power Plate® my7™ right now for $6,795—including free white glove delivery. That’s a saving of $1200 off the in-delivery price. What’s more, you don’t have to pay the full amount upfront. If you prefer, they’ll ship it to your home so you can start using it, while you make three easy payments of just $2331.66 each.

Your white glove delivery service includes shipping this 126-pound machine, setting it up in your home, and removing the packing materials.

But that’s not all. They’ve also agreed to include a valuable, in-depth training DVD that will help you get started right away. On this DVD and Exercise Guide, you’ll discover a variety of exercises, tips and a complete workout. They start you with a warm-up, then do the strength training, and then finish with a massage, so you end the workout feeling relaxed and energized.

They even show you how to do the exercises while seated in a chair. As I said, anyone can get dramatic benefits from this amazing machine, regardless of limitations.

I also asked the makers of the Power Plate® my7™ to include 3 training mats you can use to cushion the plate or while lying or sitting on the floor next to the machine for stretches and massages. Plus, they will include 2 exercise straps which attach to the platform and are useful for stretching and massaging the upper body. Finally, you’ll also get a laminated wall poster demonstrating various exercises at glance. All of these extra gifts—a $67 value—are yours FREE as part of this exclusive offer.

A smart investment for your future health and independence

While it’s certainly not cheap. I’m convinced the Power Plate is worth every penny—and could be the single best investment you ever make in your health.

After all, you could end up spending $2,500 or more on a flat-screen TV, but it wouldn’t be making you healthier — it’d just encourage you to be a “couch potato.”

Or you could spend $2,500 on one of those fancy massage chairs or on a home gym. Meanwhile, the Power Plate lets you get fit in just 45 minutes a week … and it even messages you after your workout. So it’s like getting a home gym and a massager in one!

I’m convinced the Power Plate® my7™ can make a dramatic difference in your strength, flexibility, and overall health… no matter how long it’s been since you exercised regularly. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you see results. Many people start to notice results after the first week or two.

Oh, and I just learned that Power Plate is now NEAT™ certified. NEAT™ stands for the science of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis developed by Mayo Clinic.


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