Can you 💪 biohack an indoor lifestyle?

The unbridled truth is, we are moving further and further away from nature. Biohacks are designed to mimic what we should be getting naturally. The most important biohacks replicate but are almost always inferior to, the benefits we would experience living a more natural, ancestral lifestyle:

  • The most nutrient dense superfoods will always be local, organic plants and animals that haven’t been hosed down with chemicals, genetically modified in a laboratory, or fed unnatural garbage those same animals would not eat in nature. They will never be some bar, powder, or gel.
  • Movement is the best form of exercise. Master your own body weight. Get your heart rate up and sweat. You don’t need a gym or expensive fitness equipment. You do need to get off your ass and move.
  • Swimming in lakes, rivers, and the ocean is the best form of grounding/earthing, reducing static electrical charge, and the subsequent inflammation that comes with our lack of contact with the Earth. That’s why a good surf clears the mind. Take your shoes off. Get outside. Jump in a lake.
  • Meditation is more effective than any visual, auditory, or electrical brain entrainment device you can strap to your head
  • Exposing your eyes and skin to natural sunlight is better than any photobiomodulation-based technology or vitamin D supplement scientists could ever engineer.
  • The best drinking water is pristine spring water from deep within the earth.
  • We can’t biohack or artificially outsmart the physical and cognitive degradation that takes place when we sleep for less than 7 hours. No supplement, polyphasic regimen, smartphone app or heart rate viability device can offset insufficient sleep.

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