Ep 01 – Anthony DiClementi – Uncommon Biohacks to Rapidly Optimize Physical & Mental Performance

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Welcome to the Biohacking secrets show, this is Anthony DiClementi, well it would probably be a lot cooler if I was recording this in some fancy hollywood studio. I’m actually here in my Chicago high rise apartment.

Why? Because this interview series started out as a passion project, something that I wanted to bring you guys as a way to connect with word-class experts, Doctors, Scientists, Physicists, Nutrition experts and people that are top of their field, luminaries in every spaces that pretexts to biohacking exercise, physiology, nutrition. Basically anything that will help you improve your physical and mental performance, and bring them to you in a setting where it’s fun. Where I sit down with these people, and I test and tease out all the most important information that you need to upgrade your quality of life. So that you will look better, feel better, perform better.

Its maybe more critical for the professional, if I were to have written down a specific intro that I was going to give you guys something that was scripted. I thought it makes more sense for this to come from the heart, and that’s why these conversations, this interview series, they may be a little bit meandering. We may go down some rabbit holes, but to me that spontaneity is what makes all of this exciting, that’s what makes life worth living.

Here is what you can expect from this series. I’m going to sit down with Athletic trainers, Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Entertainers and deconstruct the most effective strategies, products, routines, habits, resources, etc., that you can use to become the best version of yourself. For those of you guys that don’t know my story, the cliff notes version is … I’ve been doing this for a long time well over a decade.

 I put in my 10,000 hours many times over. Like, many of the people in space that consider ourselves as experts. I focused mostly on nutrition, exercise, and mindset self. It wasn’t until I lost my own health and started experiencing a rapid decline in my energy levels. I was AG accelerated rate. Everything, basically where the wheels came off the bus, that I started looking in other places.

I started questioning “whether or not, our current system of treating symptoms was the best way to go about healing ourselves”. In doing so, I started biohacking my own health and started discovering that there were better ways. One of the most common questions that I get is “What is biohacking?” and here’s how I define it. “Biohacking, it’s the method of strategically changing your internal and external environment to rapidly enhance the body, upgrade the brain, and create an epic life”

It’s the art and science of optimizing human performance. The long and short of it is, biohacking embraces self-experimentation. It is the utilization of a scientific methodology to identify the fastest and most effective strategies to create a desired end results. I want to teach you how to do the least necessary, not the most possible. Why? because that’s what is sustainable.

If I tell you 10,000 things you need to do a day, of course you are going to be able to do that for … maybe a day, maybe 3 days, maybe 3 weeks. But eventually, you are going to go back to your old habits, because that’s what’s easier, as humans were really good at conserving energy. And biohacking is the art and science of figuring out “what are the smallest, high leverage activities that are going to get you the desired and result you want”? So that you can live your best quality life.


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