Ep 25 – Naudi Aguilar – How to Biohack Functional Fitness & Biomechanics

In today’s episode I sit down with Naudi Aguilar. Naudi is an innovator in the field of human biomechanics, mobility and functional training. He is a founder of He has worked with world class athletes like UFC fighter Jeremy Stephens and many others. Naudi is on the short list of people I turn to for questions on exercise sciences and exercise physiology.

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In today’s episode we cover a wide range of topics including: Naudi’s views on CrossFit, the three most important exercises you’re not currently doing, the proper way to do myofascial release and why most people are doing it wrong, small bio hacks and lifestyle shifts. Naudi has implemented methods that have produced disproportionally large improvements in performance and much, much more. So without further ado please sit back, relax and enjoy my conversation with Naudi Aguilar.


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