Ep 31 – Lew Lim – Biohacking Light for Increased Neuroplasticity and a Sharper Mind

In today’s episode I sit down with Lew Lim founder and CEO of Vielight Inc. Lew is an expert in photobiomodulation (PBM) and has invented several wearable PBM and low level light therapy devices, particularly intranasal light therapy systems designed to address neurological issues. If you’re not familiar with photobiomodulation the cliff notes are that the visible red and near infrared light has been proven to stimulates cells to generate more energy and undergo self-repair. Light energy for example absorbed intranasally, is converted into ATP for use in the cells mitochondria. Lew’s work in photobiomodulation to treat Alzheimer’s patients is currently in the clinical trial phase and showing incredibly promising results.

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In today’s episode we discuss an amazing wearable photobiomodulation device used to biohack systemic inflammation. We’ll also discuss the most effective ways to use light hacks to improve neuroplasticity and increase cognitive function and the specific light frequencies you can use to sharpen the mind and stimulate energy production at a cellular level. So without further ado please sit back, relax and enjoy my conversation with Lew Lim.


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