Ep 32 – Dr. William Pawluk – How to Biohack Your Pain and Sleep Better Using Electromagnetism

In today’s episode I sit down with Dr William Pawluk. Pawluk has done extensive training in acupuncture , homeopathy, hypnosis, body work and is the foremost authority on the use of pulsed electro magnetic field therapy in America. In his own words Dr Pawluk started to step outside the “House of medicine” & “Study non conventional, non medical disciplines after growing disillusioned with the practice of medical doctors at the time including himself such as accepting side effects of certain prescription medications as natural consequences of managing pain”. Since formally leaving his conventionally accepted practice about 30 years ago Dr Pawluk has provided consumers education and a wide variety of PEMF devices to alleviate conditions such as pain, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety and inflammation using magnetic science. He’s been featured on Dr Oz as a medical expert in magnetic field therapy.

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In today’s episode Dr Pawluk and I discuss the amazing health benefits experienced with pulsed electro magnetic field despite most medical doctors lack of knowledge in it’s application. We also talk about structuring water with electro magnetic fields and how you can literally shift conciousness through different frequencies of electro magnetic pulse. So without further ado please sit back, relax and enjoy my conversation with Dr William Pawluk.


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