Ep 33 – Paul Becker – Ergogenic Biohacks and Upregulating Mitochondrial Biogenesis

In today’s episode I sit down with Dr. Paul F. Becker. Paul is a bio hacker / inventor and health researcher. He’s also the man behind the earth pulsed electromagnetic field systems. In 1990 during his first year of law school, Paul stumbled upon early TENS therapy which stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and used it to help reverse a case of tendinitis that persisted for more than 2 months.

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He graduated from Pepperdine Law School in 1994 and passed the California bar in 1996. In 96 the Whole Life Expo in Los Vegas, Nevada: Becker had the opportunity to hear Bob Beck speak about using electric current and how applying this current to the post points of the wrists could be used to kill micro organisms in the blood. This led Becker on what would turn out to be a life-long research quest into the most efficient electric and magnetic therapies that had either been lost in time or hidden by the main stream medical community. In May 2002 after designing several milliAmpere and microAmpere electric stim system prototypes, he produced his first Earth Pulse PEMF system, tested its efficiency and filed his first patent in October of that year. Earth Pulse has since been in commercial production since 2002 and over fifteen thousand units have been sold and are used by clients around the world who rely on the earth pulse to improve mitochondria health, get a deeper, more restful nights sleep & accelerate their recovery. In Paul’s words  “Nearly all psychological, neurological and physiological disease including aging is the end result of mitochondrial dysfunction and definitely not the other way around.”

In today’s episode we talk about the incredible benefits that myself and other people have experienced using PEMF technology; harmful chemicals that show up in countless everyday consumer products and how to avoid them; the latest research on PEMF and how clients are using it as ergogenic aid to improve performance and various other applications; how it can be used to improve sleep and elevate symptoms of neurological diseases like Parkinsons and much much more. So without further ado sit back, relax and enjoy my conversation with Paul Becker.


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