Ep 38 – Clayton Nolte – Biohacking Hydration for Upgraded Energy

In today’s episode I sit down with structured water expert Clayton Nolte, inventor and founder of Natural Action Technologies. Clayton spent his entire life engineering and reverse engineering technologies as a part of his mission to make structured water available to every man, woman and child on this planet in his lifetime.

So what is structured water? Structured water is created using a double vortex by the natural action of water found in nature such as the action of a mountain stream. Structured water results from this natural spin of both the water molecules and electrons. When we drink structured water or bathe in or shower in water that has flowed through natural action technologies structured water products or how it is found in nature in deep aquifers within earth and as mentioned earlier mountain streams, you are getting the same energetic life enhancing properties you would find in natural water. This includes increased hydration, improved skin and hair health, enhanced immunity and much more. It even has benefits outside of personal health such as improved crop growth in farms and reduction of corrosion in pipes. By drinking structured water and making this our primary source of hydration we are able to minimize corrosion of our internal pipes for lack of a better metaphor.

In today’s episode we discuss multiple dimensions creating life of infinite joy and meaning. How to structure your water, the best products that exist, the unbridled potential of humanity and how structured water links all of these things together. So without further ado please sit back relax and enjoy my conversation with Clayton Nolte.

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