Konös: A Regenerative, Community-Sufficient Tribe Living In Harmony With Nature (Offering Memorandum)

“It’s not a commune“…
Konös is a Regenerative, Community-Sufficient Tribe Living In Harmony With Nature. Located in Western North Carolina. 
We are currently at the Funding stage of the project. We have a growing group of beautiful families and individuals who have been vetted and invested in the project. 
If you’re interested, after reading through the Founding Member Offering Memorandum and Community Guidelines, book a time for us to talk and see if it’s a mutual fit…

Invitation for Founding Members –

Community Guidelines and Manifesto:

  • Off the power grid: No smartmeters or outside supply of power. Electricity and power will come from propane, solar, hydroelectric, and/or wood stoves. 
  • No WiFi or wireless electricity. Wired internet connections that are faster and healthier will be used.
  • Spring or well water from the land will be provided for drinking, bathing, and gardening. 
  • Love thy neighbor. Respect everyone, especially elders. Protect our children. 
  • Regenerative Philosophy: Put more into the land than you take. 
  • God above all else: We are Divine Creators in the image of God.
  • Create more than you consume. 
  • Always speak the Truth. Do what’s right, not what’s easy. 
  • Work hard, play harder.
  • Have a Garden and grow some or all of your food. A family of 4 can be fed on a quarter acre. 
  • Know your sheriff and work with local law enforcement to ensure all legislation upholds the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Freedom, and the health of Mother Nature. 
  • God First: Fear God only and live as the word of God in human form. 
  • Focus on the good, the true and the beautiful.
  • Currency: Trade of goods and services.
  • Our greatest assets are our community, our character, and our health. Family is wealth. 
  • No mask, no vax. 
  • Education – Community home schooling. Teach the children as they’re our future. Practice critical thinking and challenge convention. Seek wisdom, not information. 
  • No usury – Do not charge interest on loaned money. 
  • Add value: Leave everyone In our community better than you found them. 
  • Invite-only.

The Land:In the United States, residential lawns average 10,871 square feet (or roughly a quarter of an acre). This depends greatly on location. For instance, the average lawn size in California is 5,575 square feet.
In our Community, a $25,000 donation guarantees a 0.25 plot of land, equivalent to the national average, to be used as you wish. 
Spring water will be accessible from each home site for the cleanest drinking, bathing, and gardening water possible. 
We are making sure there will be plenty of common area beyond the space allocated to each community member so we have lots of area for community gardens, roads, and required infrastructure. 
Larger plots of land are available for larger donations. 

The People:Our Community is a beautiful mix of entrepreneurs, healers, yogis, health professionals, families and individuals who value freedom, connection, and living in harmony with Mother Earth. All religions, except satanism or luciferianism, are valued and welcome. 

Estimated Cost To Build A Home:We have a number of builders we are working with to make the building process as turnkey as possible. That said, you’re welcome to work with any builder you wish. 
The cost to build a structure varies depending on the size and quality of the build. 
On the low end, a simple, 24’x24′ rustic cabin with no power or electricity can be build from green lumber for approximately $3,500 in materials plus the hourly rate of your builder(s). 
A more traditional home with plumbing and electric may cost anywhere from $80-145+ per square foot depending on materials used and the contractor you are working with. 

Deliverables and Contractual Agreements:

  • We will secure land within 12 months of your donation being funded. Target is to have land secured prior to 12/31/2021. 
  • Minimum deliverables based on your investment:
    • $25,000 donation = 0.25 acre (min) + community 
    • $75,000 donation = 1.0 acre (min) + community 
    • $195,000 donation = 3.0 acres (min) + community 
  • Agreements:
    • I intend for this land to remain in my family for generations. It is not a money-making venture or property to be flipped. 
    • In the unexpected event anyone in my family with authority to do so needs to sell this property, I understand the buyer must be approved and any profits above my initial investment and money spent on improvements to the land (your home) will be split 50/50 with The Community. For example imagine $25,000 was invested for 0.25 acres and you have receipts documenting $50,000 was spent on a home. Then, in 20 years, that property is sold for $245,000. In this example, $85,000 [= ($245,000 less $25,000 less $50,000)/2] will remain in the community and be reinvested in future growth. This is to encourage properties to remain in families for generations. All receipts must be kept to accurately document the cost bases of improvements.
    • Real Estate Taxes are the responsibility of each member and not a factor in this agreement.
    • Donations can be return requested, with 90-days prior notice, and are subject to a 20% refund fee. 
    • I understand that for every acre I purchase an equal or greater acreage will also be purchased and given back to American Indians or indigenous tribes whose land was unjustly taken from them in the past. For example, if you purchase 1 acre then you will be giving at least 1 acre back to indigenous people, doing good in the world and building priceless local alliances and goodwill with our fellow man. 
    • Limit 2 cats per household. Any cats should remain on the owner’s land parcel. 
    • Any firearms must be kept locked in a safe as there will be children present.

Apply now at (mention Community)
After you’ve submitted your application, text “Community VIP” to 847-989-3743 to request to skip the line

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