Struggling to keep fat off?

Trouble losing weight?

Struggling to keep the fat off for good?

Difficulty staying focused throughout the day?

In this blog post, I share four uncommon “biohacks” that have been shown to help the body to release stubborn fat cells, rebalance hormones, and flatten the belly.

Think of biohacks kinda like proven, shortcuts… they are small, healthy habits that positively influence our biology to produce the biggest fat loss results in the least amount of time.

As a bonus, these benefits almost always translate to more energy and mental clarity too.

This is huge for entrepreneurs, busy professionals, and anyone able to grow their income whose job requires a high level of productivity.

(Morning Greens)


To start the day, drink 40% of one’s body weight in ounces of clean water being sure to add a generous pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt for electrolytes and 1-2 scoops of Organifi Green Juice (get 20% off today with discount code “biohacks”).

Why this is important? First thing in the morning, we need to hyper-hydrate and flood the body with the key nutrients it has lost during sleep.

In fact, the average person loses 1-2 pounds of water weight throughout the night in the form of exhaled water vapor. If the body is dehydrated or deficient in these key nutrients and electrolytes it will feel impossible to decrease body weight [1].

So, for example, a 160-lb man would aim to drink 64 ounces of water within the first 1-2 hours of his day (64 = 160 x 0.4). As a general rule of thumb, those under 160 pounds can include one scoop of Organifi Green Juice and anyone over 160 pounds may want to include two scoops.

This will flood the body with the nutrients it needs right away while replenishing the vital fluids lost during a night of sleep.

One of the many superfoods included in Organifi, ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), has been shown in scientific studies to decrease inflammation by 31.6% [3] and the stress hormone cortisol by 27.9% [4] in just 60 days!

The synergistic combination of nutrients in Organifi Green Juice supports healthy body weight maintenance by decreasing inflammation (tracking C-Reactive protein as an inflammatory marker) and stress (as measured by cortisol).

And for those following an intermittent fasting template, because Organifi Green Juice only contains 25 calories per scoop it won’t break a fast. Many men and women find it actually allows them to extend their fast with less effort.

New research shows these extremely low-calorie fasting mimicking diets restore insulin sensitivity, blood sugar regulation, and body weight “set point” [2].

Try this morning biohack and experience the increased energy and mental clarity that fuels high performers (save 20% with discount code “biohacks”)

(Post-Workout Plant Protein)


The next biohack for faster weight loss is to engage in a fasted workout including some strength training followed by 20-30 grams of plant-based protein 30-45 minutes post-workout.

By working out in a fasted state the body is forced to go to fat stores to fuel the workout. Then, by waiting 30-45 minutes after training, we extend that fat-burning window without breaking down metabolically active lean muscle.

Consuming 2-3 scoops of Organifi plant-based protein while still within the “anabolic window” we provide our body with the amino acid building blocks it needs to build muscle along with the quality protein required for optimal recovery. This has been shown in scientific literature to increase weight loss [5].

Individuals diagnosed with blood sugar issues or “adrenal fatigue” may be better off having a protein shake both pre-workout and post-workout since some evidence suggests working out in a fasted state can be contraindicated while restoring these hormonal pathways.

Get 20% off Organifi Plant-Based Protein today by going to and entering discount code “biohacks”

(Red Afternoon Antioxidants)


As we use our brain throughout the day we burn oxygen and energy, in the form of ATP, while producing damaging free radicals as a by-product.

When oxygen levels are less-than-optimal or these free radicals accumulate they can cause fatigue and make it difficult to stay focused.

One of the fastest ways to increase energy and productivity is to get rid of the afternoon energy dip by providing our body and mind with oxygenating nutrients and antioxidants to increase blood flow and neutralize these damaging free radicals.

The specific ingredients in one scoop of Organifi Red Juice have been found in recent studies to improve blood flow to the brain enhancing cognition and mental energy while also reducing blood pressure, decreasing inflammation, and exhibiting vascular-protective effects [6].

What’s more, these ingredients found in Organifi Red Juice have also been shown to help aging brains perform and regenerate like younger brains…

A study at Wake Forrest University found consuming these antioxidant-rich superfoods elevated oxygen levels and neuroplasticity in the brain [7]. Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to rewire itself and make new neural connections in response to a stimulus. The result is more afternoon energy and improved brainpower so we stay focused and productive.

Save on Organifi Red Juice now by going to and entering discount code “biohacks” to get 20% off today.

(Gold Tea)


We’ve all heard of turmeric. We’ve seen doctors and researchers marvel over its benefits.

Millions of people use it to STOP aches & pains, including back pain & muscle pain, but below I’m going to share 2 NEW advancements in nutritional research that are shaking up the medical world…

#1 Piperine increases the power of turmeric by 2,000 percent! [8]

This means: Aches and pains stop 20 times quicker! They stay away 20 times longer.

Intestinal inflammation and indigestion stops 20 times sooner. That also stays away 20 times longer. Decreased inflammation is one of the pillars of permanent weight loss [9].

That’s why Piperine is called a “bio-enhancer.” Here’s what’s even more exciting…

#2 One glass of this delicious “Golden Tea” recipe supports optimal sleep, healthier joints, turns up fat loss and promotes more youthful energy each morning.

Take a sip. Feel the centuries of traditional healing wisdom enter the body.

And experience that warm & fuzzy ’snuggled on a couch next to a fireplace’ feeling… as a sweet creamy tea soothes the taste buds and soul.

Another ingredient in this Golden Tea, lemon balm (Melissa officials) has been found in recent studies to reduce anxiety and increase feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain, like serotonin, which enhances sleep quality [10].

We all know the importance of quality sleep for body weight regulation. And while we can’t always increase the amount of sleep we get, we can improve our sleep quality by drinking one glass of Organifi Golden Tea before bed.

Imagine the impact decreasing inflammation relief 20 times quicker and enhancing sleep quality will have on weight loss! Men and women are amazed when they first try this synergistic blend and see their body transform. Plus it’s absolutely delicious!

Take a look at this tasty turmeric and lemon balm elixir with bio-enhancers. It’s LOADED with other powerful antioxidants like:

  • Reishi
  • Turkey Tail
  • Coconut
  • MCTs
  • Monk fruit
  • Vanilla

Go to and entering discount code “biohacks” today to save 20% on Organifi GOLD and these breakthrough biohacks for maintaining a healthy body weight now.

Experience the complete “Biohacker Bundle” and save by grabbing all four superfood-based products while supplies last:

  • Green Juice
  • Plant-Based Protein
  • Red Juice
  • GOLD Tea

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