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Ep 93 – Kusha Karvandi – Building More Muscle With Less Weight Using Blood Flow Restriction Training

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Mitochondria are our cells' energy factories. Descended from bacteria that colonized other cells about 2 billion years, they get lazy as we age. • A prominent theory of aging holds that decaying of mitochondria is a key driver of aging. While it's not clear why our mitochondria fade as we age, evidence suggests that it leads to everything from heart failure to neurodegeneration, even cancer. • Recent research suggests it may be possible to reverse mitochondrial decay with dietary supplements, intravenous infusions, and transdermal therapies that increase cellular levels of a molecule called NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). • NAD+ is a linchpin of energy metabolism, among other roles, and its diminishing level with age has been implicated in mitochondrial deterioration. • NAD+, which stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a key compound in all living creatures, NAD+ works with certain enzymes to allow cells to release energy via the mitochondria (commonly called the powerhouses of cells). It is also involved in DNA repair and other biochemical processes. Low NAD+ levels in the body are believed to impair mitochondrial function. Since NAD+ declines with age, as does mitochondrial function, it has been proposed that exogenous (from outside the body) NAD+ could delay aging and the diseases associated with it. • If you'd like access to our NAD+ IV and transdermal protocols apply for our Biohacker Inner Circle consulting program here

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Featured Product – BFR Bands

Build more muscle with BFR Bands – Use the coupon code “biohacks” to save 20% now!

RESTRICTIVE BFR BANDS: Designed to offer superb restriction of blood flow through the working limb to the targeted muscles, the Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) bands reduce oxygen supply to the muscles in order to pre-fatigue slow twitch muscle fibers and diminish their response to workout loads, but to enable fast twitch muscle fibers to respond quickly to exercise training loads, resulting in faster lean muscle growth.

EXTRA-CONVENIENT AND SUPER-DURABLE BFR BANDS: Furnished with a very rigid strap and a quick-release cam buckle, the Classic BFR training bands are easy to strap up and effortless to release as soon as the exercise is completed. Each BFR Bands order comes with 2 bands to allow you to exercise both arms at the same time.

One-on-one Coaching:

I’m looking for a few more of my DREAM clients… If That’s You… I Will PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One To Biohack your body and your mind to lose weight, gain energy and focus and finally get the edge!

Anthony DiClementi (CNS, NCSF-CPT, specialist in Functional Medicine & Nutritional Neuroscience, Biohacker) is a world-class wellness expert, author, and international speaker specializing in rapid fat loss and increasing energy. His uncommon biohacks use science, nature, and technology to upgrade the body and mind.

For over 10 years now Anthony has been helping clients take control of their own health and wellness dreams.


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