What Kind of Water Is Best For Increasing Energy and Endurance?

There’s a lot of confusion in the water game. Reverse osmosis… Should I remineralize? What about alkaline water? Kangen machines? Structured water?

I’ve tested them all. Alongside hundreds of Biohackers in our Inner Circle… And here’s the truth: You won’t feel any difference with MOST of them. Yeah, there are health benefits just in reducing the chemicals in water. But I’ve actually seen just as many people mess themselves up drinking only distilled water (trying to eliminate toxins) or reverse osmosis water (without properly remineralizing).

So what’s a Biohacker to do?

There’s only one water machine I recommend today… It’s also the only water machine you’ll actually FEEL improving your energy and reversing aging at the cellular level.

It’s the Trusii Molecular Hydrogen water machine.

This machine makes antioxidant water at levels 6-9x what you’d get from a top-of-the-line, brand new, alkaline water machine. And these antioxidants neutralize the most damaging toxins like peroxynitrate and reactive oxygen species (ROS) that destroy our mitochondria (the tiny energy factories that make energy in your cells).

Other antioxidants, like CoQ10, are too big and inefficient at getting into your cells where they’re needed most.

And while this next-level biohack normally comes with a $10k sticker price for everyone else, Trusii is doing a case study where they’re going to be reimbursing up to 100% of the cost of the machine for a small handful of Biohacking Secrets Newsletter subscribers.

Click here to learn more about the best water machine on the market and how you can get yours 100% FREE Trusii Molecular Hydrogen Water Machine Case Study Application

I’ve had triathlete clients seeing huge improvements in their race times within days of their machine arriving… Entrepreneurs completely eliminating the afternoon energy lull… I was able to effortlessly increase my breath hold time to 3:30 after just one day loading up on the Trusii Molecular Hydrogen machine water.

I still use the tablets when I travel but you can’t get anywhere close to the same amount of molecular hydrogen from the tablets as you get from the machine.  All the tablets on the market use Magnesium so you’ll get “disaster pants” (Magnesium has a laxative effect at high dosages) long before you’ll come close to the amount of molecular hydrogen you need to turn back the age of your cells, crush your workouts, and feel the energy the Trusii machine delivers.

So if you’d like to be considered for the $10,000 Trusii water machine case study and get my favorite water machine up to 100% free, then click that link above ^^. They’re only giving away a few of these bad boys so don’t sleep on this…


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